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Peace, I'm thinking about searching for a weekend job at a Private Duty case preferably as a Medicaid Provider, Hospital, or Nursing Home in ATL/Clarkston to test the waters since I'm thinking... Read More

  1. by   dmarie (GA)
    Licensed Practical Nurse - Long-Term Care
    Work Location: Atlanta, GA 30327
    United States Base Salary Range

    $30,865 $45,090
    Local Low Local High
  2. by   jamangel
    Quote from ex1140
    Maybe I'm wrong...but I don't think the # of years are a big factor in nursing. In fact, I think it can be a problem. Many facilities will hire people with less years of experience so they can dish out less pay.

    Let's be honest being a nurse for 15 years doesn't mean you have more experience then someone whose been a nurse for say 5 years. It strongly depends on where each person has worked.

    Take my supervisor she's been a nurse for 20 years...but...she has spent 15 of those years in Corrections. She told me that another RN was hired about 2years ago with a higher salary than hers...I was not surprised at all, because the other nurse has a B.A and works med/surg for a prominent hospital part-time. It's not all about the number of years, but more about the knowledge you've gained.
    I agree. I probably should have been more clear. My number of years and my experience are important because it's faily difficult to do all I've done in a short span. Med-surg is beneficial for any job you apply for BUT some specialties require experience in that specialty. If your supervisor works for a facility that required experience in Corrections preferably then money issue would be in her favor. Corrections is really a different animal because the skills required go beyond what we learn in nursing school. Most facilities, teach you how to deal with that population and you wouldn't deal with that population in the same manner as you would just med-surg or peds. The only thing remotely similar is psych nursing.

    As far as hiring goes, there's alot of hiring of new nurses for less pay. Esp. LTC, Rehab etc. I'm sure it happens in alot of specialties with this nursing shortage.
  3. by   jamangel

    LPN's make very little money is rural towns in Georgia. Just one hour away from Augusta, they are paying $10-11/hr. I made more than that when I came into nursing 10 years ago. The cost of living there is low BUT still it sucks.
  4. by   dmarie (GA)
    $10.00/hr.??? Geez! That's just rude!

    Why not try an agency? I know they pay more than that.
  5. by   jamangel
    There are no agencies in the area. The closest ones are here in Augusta.
  6. by   HisTreasure
    Wow. I used to live in Atlanta and moved back to NY. I make $22-$23 an hour now working part time nights in LTC. I couldn't imagine making less than that. It is a struggle making ends meet on what I do make. I am actually leaving nursing to pursue child care...I'll make more!

    Not to hijack the thread, my sis in law resides in Stone Mountain. She is in school for nursing. She says that LPNs in most long term care facilities in Dekalb county make around $19 an hour. Unfortunately, most new grads make closer to $15 for the first year. I think this is the same across the country.
  7. by   keishahu
    i know it sounds like alot but if u r living in ny this like chump change:chuckle
  8. by   GoosbyLPN
    Windyhill u said u talked to recruiters? Can u point me in the right directions with some of the companies.
  9. by   HisTreasure
    I currently work a private duty case for Interim Healthcare. They are very competitive here in NY. I average $20 per hour as an LPN slightly sometimes more, sometimes slightly less depending on the kind of case I take on and whether I am doing staffing at the ALF. I think the pay spans $17-25 per hour for the LPN.

    They accommodate me in terms of hours since I am having increasing difficulty landing a facility job, so chances are you could get full time hours and pay just through them. I do. Here is their website www.interimhealthcare.com/northgeorgia for Atlanta. Good luck!