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So I am trying to get into gwinnett techs fall of 2013 class and i just wanted to start a forum for us to support each other and for info. I still have a couple pre reqs to take but im hoping to do... Read More

  1. by   dje5418
    Congrats on your acceptance! I have just been accepted as a pre nursing transfer student for Spring 2013 and I am a Fall 2013 RN hopeful. I was wondering if GTC uses a "wait list" and how long it was before you were notified of your acceptance into the program?

    I am applying to several programs and all of them are different. Do you know what the average TEAS V score is for your class or what the lowest score that was accepted was? Any "insider" news would be great.
  2. by   RN_Student14
    Hello @dje5418. There is no wait list at GTC. We take the Kaplan, not the TEAS. There are four parts to the test. Reading, math, writing and science. Anyone who is eligible to sit for the Kaplan (3.0 GPA with the completion of Eng 1101, College Alg, Psych 1101, AP1, AP2, and Microbiology) will be notified via their student email and be advised to attend a meeting either at 3pm pr 6pm. The deadline is Jan 15 of every year. The test is administered throughout March. It is best to arrive to school very early the day after the meeting so that you can sign up to take the test at the end of the month, so you have sufficient time to study. I signed up around 12pm and I was number 170. So I stress to wake up early. I do not know the lowest score accepted, but I made a 75 on the Kaplan and had a 3.69 GPA. It just depends on how well the overall grades were and they take the top 60. So your GPA for the required courses and the Kaplan exam is weighed together when choosing the top 60. Hope that helps.
  3. by   cannolis
    Hello there,
    I'm a little discouraged about Gwinnett Tech. Does it matter that they are not part of the University System of Georgia? I've heard about students who have tried to pursue their bachelors (not specifically in nursing) and the universities don't accept the credits.

    Are students who obtain their ADN at Gwinnett able to pursue a BSN at all? I feel like that's important because the Nursing field is TOUGH to get into and many require that you eventually obtain a BSN.

    Any info appreciated!
  4. by   RN_Student14
    I am not sure who misinformed you but Gwinnett Tech is part of the university system. And yes, you can pursue a BSN. There are courses that are degree related and diploma related. So if someone took a course that was not on a degree level and is trying to pursue a BSN, then yes most likely those credits will not transfer. For example, LPN (licensed practical nurses) have to take Anatomy and Physiology, but their course is not that in depth as someone pursing a ASN. That is why any LPN working on pursuing their ASN, will have to retake AP on a degree level. But yes, you can pursue your BSN, and yes the school is part of the University system.
  5. by   RN_Student14
    Sorry let me rephrase that. The school is not technically part of the system, BUT you can still obtain your BSN. The best thing to do, is contact the schools you would like to transfer too, and ask them their specific qualifications. Every school has slight differences and requirements.
  6. by   cannolis

    I was reading an earlier thread where everyone was sharing their test scores on the Kaplan, and then waiting for their acceptance letters. Sheesh, talk about all the anxiousness just reading everyone's anticipation to be accepted! Congratulations! How's it going so far?

    Are you planning to go further once you graduate? Where do you plan on going when you finish? I'm in the process of finding out whether or not a BSN is pursuable or not. Been sending e-mails, virtually no answers yet. *sigh*

    Anyway, yeah I was just a little concerned, I am going to finish the rest of the pre-reqs at GTC I need after 4 long years of not being in school. (I'm 25, so not that old yet.) I'm hoping what I took in Miami was able to transfer over (English 1, English 2, College Algebra, Humanities...) I am doubtful my Psychology credit will go through, because it's not the same type. :-( I'll just have to check and see.

    For the most part all I need are my sciences, which I'm totally chewing through the pencil about. Also, my gpa is not hot at all, so I need to make sure I bring it up entirely and not mess around.

    Anyway, I've been checking out the forums here and many of you nursing students have shared insightful info for future students, so thank you!!
  7. by   cannolis
    Anyway, the only reason why I figure I should also pursue the RN- BSN is so that all the other credits I took at my previous college don't go to waste.. A lot of them were Associate of Arts credits, (sociology, philosophy, ethics, speech) pretty much the only course I'd need to take in order to get into a BSN program after (hopefully) successfully obtaining an ASN/ADN is Statistics, and American History + Government... At least from the looks of all the pre-reqs lists I've come across thus far. I'd hate for everything to go to waste.

    I'm kind of upset I've wasted this long to go back to school. I feel like I've spent too much time thinking about it instead of just going for it. Sigh, I hope I stop beating myself up about it already.
  8. by   dje5418
    Thank you, for the additional information. It is wonderful when someone is willing to share their personal information as a way to help out someone that is still waiting. I am going to start studying for the Kaplan and hope I'm invited to take it. They have not given me the breakout of what they are going to accept as transfer credit so I may have to retake something first. Thanks again and good luck to you!!!
  9. by   meeep
    I'm curious janelly, why don't you just go directly into a BSN program instead of getting an ADN first, and then rn to BSN? I believe it would save you some time if you already know you want the BSN.
  10. by   cannolis
    Quote from meeep
    I'm curious janelly, why don't you just go directly into a BSN program instead of getting an ADN first, and then rn to BSN? I believe it would save you some time if you already know you want the BSN.
    I don't think theres much of a time difference, especially with those rn-bsn bridge options. In order to get a bsn, one must completely 120 credit hours. Have an associates pretty much cuts that in half... The objective is just making sure your credits will be transferable to the instution you desire to continue education at later.
    In addition, if I just wanted to shoot for the bsn I'd have to wait longer whereas I can start working as soon as I get my license with an asn, and continue the rest of my education, which is usually done online.
  11. by   Exhaustipated
    I thought I'd revive this thread with some new information I recently received. I stopped in to see Saadia Jackson, the nursing program advisor. Just a reminder: application deadline is January 15. Ms. Jackson advises current GTC students on track for the Fall 2013 nursing program contact her as soon as fall grades post (or at least prior to application deadline date) so she can make sure your file is in order and you're on the list to receive the e-mail regarding the mandatory February meeting. Kaplan exam is administered in March, acceptances go out in April.

    Ms. Jackson has Kaplan study guide information she e-mails out, so if you're planning to apply, you may want to contact her. HOWEVER, today (October 31) is her last day until December 1 -- she has the month of November off. If you want the Kaplan study guide, you have three choices: 1) go see her quickly today; 2) wait until December when she is back in the office; or 3) contact the Advisement Office in building 100.

    If you choose option (3), the Advisement Office may tell you they don't have that information. BE INSISTENT. They normally don't have that info, but since Ms. Jackson won't be in for a month, she personally e-mailed the study guide to Advisement.

    I do recommend going in to see Ms. Jackson whether you're a current GTC student or not. She's a very pleasant lady, she's helpful, and she's more than willing to answer any questions you have about the program.

    Good luck to everybody planning to apply!
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  12. by   minya
    i will be taking pre req in January for nursing..any advice? I won't be working and am willing to study hard. I have 2 months off until January when classes are supposed to start. Can I start to study now for pre-req and do you know what books I should get to get prepared in advance? Thanks a lot!!!
  13. by   Godslove
    Time moves so fast! I can't believe admission time is here again. Anyway, I was hoping to get into the GTC nursing program last year but couldn't make it because I messed up on the test. I'm trying again this year so let's keep our fingers crossed and see what happens. I'm open for any questions or concerns you might have. Good Luck.