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I didnt see any thread for this school so thought i start one Just wanted to know is there is anyone applying to MCG/GHSU summer 2012 and/or attending the school at the moment to give inputs about... Read More

  1. by   lyneath1
    did anyone get a phone call from MCG wanting to verify information and they also told me that they were calling to let me know that the decision process is about to end and we should hear in 10-14 days. Just wondering if anyone else got a phone call?
  2. by   ani123
    Hey lyneath1! I received that call as well a couple weeks ago and I just got a letter in the mail saying I have been accepted!
  3. by   asholey88
    I got a letter today saying I am on the waiting list. What are some of the stats (gpa, volunteer hours, etc.) of the people who got in? And does anyone know anything about the waitlist or anyone who has been on it before?
  4. by   robincharuvil
    my friend also got a letter saying she's on the waiting list.
  5. by   robincharuvil
    my status changed today... decision made.
  6. by   athensgal
    Anyone waiting to hear on the GSHU CNL 2012 cohort?
  7. by   asholey88
    I am waiting to hear about the CNL program. I applied, but it still doesn't look like decisions have been made.
  8. by   asholey88
    I got my acceptance letter for the CNL program on Saturday! Anyone else going to be in the 2012 CNL cohort?
  9. by   cnlstudent2012
    Hello-I too have been accepted and there several of us commenting on thread titles "Georgia health science university applicant august12". Come join!
  10. by   asholey88
    Sharzaejones, I am not able to mesage you beacuse i don't have enough postings, but could you email me? I have recently been accepted for this upcoming semester and have a few questions!

    Thanks so much!
  11. by   Dvng
    Has anyone applying to the bsn program
    heard back that was on the waiting list?
  12. by   alexandria89
    Hi looks like im a bit late in finding this group! Anyway..I will be starting the Augusta campus in less than a week(soo excited!) Is anyone else staying on campus as well? I don't know anyone in augusta really so if you will be in my class let me know.
  13. by   ddunlap

    I am applying to the 2016 MSN-CNL program and am struggling with my admission essay. I am not sure how to start it. I have talked about my personal experience with my L&D nurses as well as my sons NICU nurses, but I am not sure if I included too much. Also, I do not have any experience in healthcare, besides a small animal research project, but do have restaurant managing experience. How do I incorporate this into how it will enhance my ability to perform in a CNL role? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!