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I periodically get PMs from people asking me about the job market in Atlanta. So I've decided to get off my lazy butt and post what I hope to be is a comprehensive topic about it. If anyone has... Read More

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    Quote from CB1004
    GPC unfortunately does have a bad rep. If ADN is the way you want to go try Athens Technical college. They have a satellite branch that is located in Gwinnett (an avg of 10 students in the Gwinnett class {*BONUS*}.) On a personal note, the externships I applied for stated that the reason they thought I was the nurse for them was partly because I attended ATC. ATC produces quality nurses.

    I just called Athens tech in regards to there lpn/rn program i was told that they do have satellite locations however the lpn or the rn program is only offered at the main location.......bummer....

    gosh does anyone know of any lpn courses in the atlanta area?
    i applied at atlanta tech and dekalb the waiting list are long, and dekalb just changed there classes all to the covington location
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    I am a student at Athens, and they do still have the satelite RN program at Gwinnett Tech, but this fall may be the last year (of course they've said that every year for the last 3 years..). It is hard to get correct information about the program there. Basically, you must go through there regular application process for the Athens campus, and be willing to attend there if you do not get one of the 10 spots at Gwinnett. I start nursing classes in the fall, and will probably ask for Athens campus, even though I live in Gwinnett, because the Gwinnett campus uses clinical sites that are much further from me than Athens is.

    Good luck to you! It is very competetive to get in at Athens, just like everywhere else. This year there were over 400 applicants for 50 spots.
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    Thanks!!! maybe i will apply for Athens, i am not sure where that is since i am new here. i applied to atlanta tech and dekalb tech. I even thought about taking the medical assistant class because there is no wait list. but that is not where my heart and long term goals lie, i really want to be a RN but being that i am a single parent of two i really need to gain stable employment as soon as possible. i wish i had done this straight out of high school!
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    Thanks for the information. I am going to be relocating at the end of the summer to the Austell area... I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with the Wellstar health system, good or bad and the average pay for a nurse with 5 years of experience?:spin:
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    Great information Sharon. Which hospital would you recommend for someone wanting to get into the behavioral health field?
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    Thanks for this valuable ,infact i have an interview tomorrow and among the offers are Gwinnett health system and Dekalb medical center .Which ever offer is best I will sure take and endorse my NYSED RN license
  7. by   azor
    Thanks so much steph but i dont really find it easy getting a JOB here in Atl.I moved from Nigeria last year march,Wrote and passed my NCLEX Dec but have not started working.I applied and got interviewed at grady but they have not really called me but the mgr assure me that she 'll take me.The whole job thing is driving me crazy.I really want to start working now.Please can you help me,i don't know what to do.
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    Does anyone know anything about the Atlanta area NICU's? Which ones are good to work for? Things of that nature.
  9. by   Viviana
    Can anyone advise on how much people are making an hour there? I'm out west, and I'm incredibly homesick. But I make 30 dollars an hour here. What are you guys making in Atlanta?
  10. by   azor
    salary for a new graduate in Atl is like between $20-$22/hr.
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    Quote from SharonH, RN
    I periodically get PMs from people asking me about the job market in Atlanta. So I've decided to get off my lazy butt and post what I hope to be is a comprehensive topic about it. If anyone has different knowledge than myself or has something to add, please DO!

    New grads: I don't know of all the hospitals that have programs for new grad RNs but I know for sure that Grady, Northside, Southern Regional, and Gwinnett Medical Center do.

    LPNs: As far as I know, all of the hospitals in the area use LPNs although the scope of practice does vary from facility to facility.

    Baylor program: Gwinnett Medical and Atlanta Medical Center have a Baylor program. I think most of the facilities flirt with it from time to time so the best thing to do is check each facility's website for specific openings.

    Job listings: I always check Careerbuilder.com, Monster.com and AJCjobs.com. Craigslist.org also has job listings, most of them legit and I've found some on there that I've not found anywhere else. But I would use them with caution all the same. One more thing, be advised that the Sunday paper version of the AJC has many jobs that are NOT listed on AJCjobs.com so best practice is to check both places.

    Major hospitals in the area:

    North: Northside(facilities in Sandy Springs-main hospital, Forsyth co, and Cherokee co.) Great place to work if you are interested in L&D, mother-baby, etc. They have over 18,000 deliveries a year. St. Joseph's is across the street from Northside and is a great for cardiac care.

    Gwinnett Medical Center: (facility in Lawrenceville and new hospital in Duluth(Joan Glancy) just opened up

    East: Dekalb Medical Center( main hospital in Decatur, LTC also in Decatur, and smaller community facility in Lithonia, GA). The VA is located in Decatur as well. Eastside Medical Center is a small hospital that is located in Snellville, GA and so is Northlake Regional Hospital located in Tucker.

    West: Wellstar Health System(a 5-hospital system with facilities in Cobb(Austell, Marietta) and Paulding, and Douglas counties.

    South: Southern Regional Health System in Riverdale and Henry General Hospital is in Stockbridge GA. South Fulton Medical Center is a small Tenet-owned facility in the city of East Point just south of the city.

    In-town: Piedmont is in Buckhead; it is a prestigious hospital and this is the place where local dignitaries and celebrities are treated. Atlanta Medical Center is a Tenet hospital. Grady Memorial Hospital is a county hospital that has the only burn unit in the region and it is also the only level 1 trauma center in the city. Crawford Long Hospital is part of the Emory University health system which also includes Emory Hospital in Decatur and Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital also in Decatur in addition to the Emory clinics.

    Children's hospitals: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) has facilities at Northside, across from Emory University Hospital in Decatur, Hughes Spalding at Grady and they have clinics all over the city.

    Other options for employment include: The Emory Clinics which are located all over the city. Kaiser permanente has a lot of different opportunities for employment which include corporate level employment in addition to the clinics which are also all over the city. Don't forget home health, Amedysis and Visiting Nurse are two of the biggest. For corrections, you can look to Dekalb County jail and Gwinnett county as well as the state but you generally have wait until they advertise for jobs to work there, they do contract out their work.

    I didn't cover everything because there is a lot. I know nothing about psych or LTC. I hope that others add on to this topic so we can help out new grads and newcomers to the city. Be advised that if you apply to Grady they WILL call you but they take a very long time. The other hospitals have a turnaround of 4-6 weeks to call. I have first hand knowledge of almost every place I listed either through employment or through clinicals but I make NO recommendations. Keep an open mind and your options will be unlimited.

    Good luck, job-seekers!
    Thanks! I needed this. Seems to be some insensitive responses to threads that I've read below. This is a good kick in the pants for this newly crowned RN to get started late in the game. Much appreciated!!
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    This may sound crazy but what is a LTC?
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    Quote from DWILKINS22
    This may sound crazy but what is a LTC?
    Long Term Care. (Nursing homes, assisted living)