Lanier Tech LPN Summer 2013 - page 10

Anyone applying? Have you taken the NLN test yet? Scores? I am taking mine in December. Finishing my prereq's fall and spring semester. Nervous! I am more nervous about the commitment once you... Read More

  1. by   RedHeaded2bNurse16
    Anyone gotten any books yet?
  2. by   jrob4449
    Quote from RedHeaded2bNurse16
    Anyone gotten any books yet?
    Yeah... I've had everything done for about a week since class starts Monday. I got all the books on amazon for like $250
  3. by   RedHeaded2bNurse16
    I have financial aid and can't get books until Monday. But I think I'm going to buy Fundamentals today since we already got next weeks lessons and its a chapter a day.
  4. by   jrob4449
    Where did you find the lessons at?
  5. by   jrob4449
    Where did you find the lessons at? I couldn't get on them in angel.
  6. by   RedHeaded2bNurse16
    I'm at Forsyth and our instructor emailed them to us.
  7. by   RedHeaded2bNurse16
    Is everyone ready for Monday??
  8. by   nurseinthehills
    I'm excited and nervous! Can't wait! It's finally here!
  9. by   mommabri1989
    I will be getting my books Monday because of financial aid. I am so ready for this! These last 2 weeks have gone by so slowly. The only thing I am not looking forward to is having to get up so darn early lol. I will have to have my kids at daycare by 6am Mon-Wed to make it to class on time and then at daycare at 5am on Thurday's to make it to the hospital... It's going to be a long year but I know it's going to be worth it! Good Luck everyone on your first day of class!
  10. by   malarwen
    Ladies, I just wonder what your scrubs look like. We just had plain navy Cherokee scrubs with a patch on left sleeve. Btw Congrats on getting in and good luck!
  11. by   yaritzavl
    Does somebody know anyone who got accepted with a low GPA?