Hospital tuition reimbursement

  1. Does anyone know any hospitals in the ATL area that pay for tuition if agree to work with them upon graduation. I'm currently going to school out of state but am transferring to school in Georgia soon.
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  3. by   crr277
    I think most of the hospitals in the area offer some sort of tuition reimbursement or scholarship program. One of my friends was offered a scholarship from Northside Hospital in exchange for one year of work after she graduates. It's not a bad deal, she has a guaranteed job after graduation in her unit of choice and has free money for school.
  4. by   Mistify
    HCA hospitals, such as Emory and Cartersville Medical Center, do partial tuition reimbursement, 90% for an A, 80% for a B and so on. If I remember correctly you have to work for them a year before you can get in to the program.
  5. by   laurenw
    There are at least seven hospitals/ healthcare systems in Atlanta that offer some kind of tuition reimbursement or scholarships. Some of my favorites are: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta offers a program called CHANCES, which provides tuition assistance and scholarships to students. Emory University has tuition reimbursement and a partnership with the Woodruff School.
  6. by   Mexarican
    Children's of Atlanta offers the CHANCES and OPPORTUNITIES scholarships. Excellent amount for each year commitment. The highest i've seen for commitments. The CHANCES i think offers up to $16,000 per academic year with two years tops and the work commitment is for 1.5 years per year of support. The OPPORTUNITIES is i believe $10,000 per academic year with a max of four years with a commitment of one year per each year of support. I'm not sure about others but i know almost all hospitals offer something...some more than others.

  7. by   yellow finch
    Talk to your financial aid office about GA state work-repayment "loans". My tuition was completely paid for by the state as long as I fulfilled employment for 2 years within the state after graduation. Every quarter I had to have my manager sign a form claiming I worked full-time. Exactly 2 years after earning my license a letter came from the state letting me know I had paid off my loan.

    This allows you some flexibility in which hospitals you choose to work for after graduation. Switching jobs wasn't a problem, either. I quit my first nursing job after 6 months and finished off the contract at another hospital.
  8. by   barankasia
    I see that the last post was a couple of years ago...
    I was curious about the state repayment Program you were a part of.