Help Need Advice ,RN or LPN?

  1. I am in a delimma and in real need of some solid advice. I applied to my local ADN program that starts this fall. The college only accepts applicants in the ADN program twice a year, fall and spring semesters. If I don't get accepted into the fall adn program should I wait the 4 months in hopes of possibly getting accepted into the program for spring semester (Jan 2010)? <OR> I already have a guaranteed slot in a LPN program starting this Fall at a different college about 30 miles away from where I live. If I don't get accepted into the Fall Rn program should I wait and just reapply for spring or accept the fall LPN slot instead? Is being an Rn first worth the risk of me possibly waiting another year before I am a nursing student? It's a more difficult decision since the economy is so unstable. If anyone has any advice, I'm all ears !
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  3. by   MusicNurseCarrlee
    I would suggest that you enroll in the program that has already accepted you & obtain your LPN education and licensure so that you can begin working & making money as a nurse(sooner than later). You have many options for bridging from LPN to RN once you are licensed and working and some employers offer financial assistance. Waiting lists and lotteries can be quite discouraging when one is trying to move forward in life. If your goal is to become a nurse and you are motivated to do so now, then you should. Best of luck to you in whatever decision you make
  4. by   miguelcano81
    I would do the LPN. I'm from Ga but I moved to TX and same situation. Based on the economy I decided to do the LPN only because by the time I get my license would be about the time I'd be starting the RN program. good luck.
  5. by   caliotter3
    If you go through the LPN program you will then be eligible for LPN to RN bridge programs, so you wouldn't necessarily be wasting time, rather, you would be increasing your chances of getting into an RN program. I would go into the program where you are now accepted and pursue the RN when you can.
  6. by   LilQueen CMA
    What's the name of the college you are applying to for the ADN program, that accepts twice a year?
  7. by   soladylike1
    Southern Union Community College
  8. by   klrmom
    I'm assuming you'll find out if you're into the RN program before the LPN starts? If your ultimate goal is RN and you ARE accepted this fall, then I would go that route... if you're NOT accepted, I would go the LPN route. I have 2 kids (and a 3rd one on the way) and I'm starting bottom of the totem pole with CNA lol. My end goal is to be a Nurse Midwife, but I need money now, not in 3-4 years minimum as an RN, so I'm planning to take a 4 week CNA program and get my foot in the door that way... then get my LPN, then RN... then eventually I would like to go to Emory and do their ADN-MSN in midwifery program. It's a very long term goal, but it's best for me. Just do what's best for you and your family and you'll be fine!