have anyone been Denied a GA license?

  1. I was told my education from NY is not enough to sasitfy the education requirements for a ga License...bummer and I dont have any experience in Nursing. This is so crazy never thought I would have to go through all this stuff. I was out of school for awhile before I went took my boards and passed yay!! now Im going through this mess just ot get a GA license
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  3. by   Marshall1
    I haven't heard this..it seems if you are licensed in one state that would be enough for Ga. I was licensed in another state and had no problem getting an RN license here. Maybe the BON for Ga. can guide you on what requirements are lacking and you can concentrate on just those that are missing. FYI you do not have to be licensed in Ga to work for a federal job in GA.
    www.usajobs.gov is a good place to start. You DO have to have a current license in a US state though.
  4. by   prettymica
    I had a few friends that had to work in Tennessee for a while to satisfy the hours they were missing to get a Ga License. One was granted the other was denied
  5. by   GoosbyLPN
    Yes I have a NY license, but I finally got an interview in Fort Benning at a VA hospital..GA told me 3 yrs to satisfy my educational goals @preetymica I was thinking about going to Alabama but communting..