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    I did a post about a month ago stating that Im very intersted in moving to Atlanta GA well I currently work in a hospital in South Carolina...but by the grace of God recieved a called from Grady Memorial Hospital to come in for an interview ....Im very excited and nervous at the same time...Can anyone give me tips or information about Grady I know its a nationally known hospital... also any good areas in Atlanta I can relocate to??? Thanks
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  3. by   xtxrn
    You might try the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
  4. by   wooh
    Live up I-85 and take Marta. It's smarta.
    Grady is awesome. Two reasons that I don't work there:
    I don't like looking like the Michelin man in all white scrubs.
    Their funding is always iffy. I'd worry that one week I wouldn't get my paycheck.
    That said, no better place to learn. And to learn to be creative (they don't have money to spend on little things like pill cutters.)
  5. by   AKA_Glamour_Pearl
    Hi! The last time that I checked Grady Memorial was in a lot of financial trouble. It's been losing money over the years because it's one of the hospitals that accepts patients regardless of their ability to pay, among other things, I suppose. It doesn't have a very good reputation. Well, the last time that I checked it didn't have a fabulous reputation. My family/friends in the Atlanta area always made Grady jokes...even before I ever considered a nursing career. I'm a nurse in a small hospital in SC as well. I was looking at Grady Memorial as well. I remember that it is the only trauma center in the state. I know that it's vital to the area and closure would be devasting to the Atlanta area. In spite of all the Grady jokes, people never know when they may need their services. Just google the website and see what you think. Honestly, despite the negative comments that I heard about the facility, the only thing that I didn't like was that majority of the positions didn't offer benefits. That was about 2years ago when I last looked though. I'm sure things have turned around. Also, there was a big benefit a few years ago backed by celebrities like Ne-yo to save Grady due to the threat of closure. It was all over the ajc. is the atlanta newspaper. Anyway, congrats on the job offer. Take it and move to Atlanta. If you love it at Grady and I hope you do, then Great! If you don't, at least it's a stepping stone and you can find another hospital in the area. Let me know what you think! Congratulations again!
  6. by   wooh
    Here's the thing about Grady, if you're going into the hospital as a patient that wants to be pampered, not the place to go.
    If you want to get better after whatever horrible trauma has befallen you, only place to go.
  7. by   AKA_Glamour_Pearl
    Quote from wooh
    Here's the thing about Grady, if you're going into the hospital as a patient that wants to be pampered, not the place to go.
    If you want to get better after whatever horrible trauma has befallen you, only place to go.

    Well said.
  8. by   TiffyRN
    Sounds like what I've heard about Parkland hospital in Dallas, something about if you were going to die and you were absolutely sure you were going to die then go to Parkland, otherwise stay away.

    Also, just a little off topic, one of my favorite book series has a few scenes at Grady. Karin Slaughter's "Grant County' series.
  9. by   PinkRocksLikeMe
    I worked EMS for Grady, GREAT place to go to learn trauma. It is truly babtism by fire. If you are looking for the touchy feely kind of hospital this is not for you. But if you are looking to get great trauma experience it is the place to be.

    One thing I thought was VERY odd, when I went in for my drug test, I saw with my own eyes a patient come in with a brown paper bag and he pulled out cups of FILLED urine cups, they have like 2 bathrooms to do a urine drug test. He put a couple of filled cups on each bathroom and this was right in front of the nurses! They had people coming in there that were on methadone maintance and I guess these were for those people IDK but it was strange. Unfortunatly I had to leave because of a dire family emergency. It might be completely different now. Good luck on your interview, let us know how it goes. What area of the hospital did you apply online for? They have an EXCELLENT burn unit there!

    Good Luck either way,

  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    moved to our georgia nurses forum ...see previous threads re this great teaching hospital.
  11. by   ChannellR.N.
    Hey Guys......Thank you sooooo much for all the informative information it was very helpful.....i always heard horror stories about Grady but I also know that the experience their is PRICELESS ... Ill keep you guys posted on the how the interview goes...and Thanks again!!!!
  12. by   nguyenhnic
    Midtown area is a good place to live!
  13. by   ChannellR.N.
    Hello Nurses........

    I did a few posts not too long along but to make a long story short I'm a new grad 22 years old and I was recently hired at Grady Memorial and I start October 17....... I'm very excited I already found a nice apartment......Anybody work at Grady can give me any advice or Tips.....also I'm a party person so where is all the fun in Atlanta
  14. by   Futterwacken
    Channel- happy for you, but this is (imo) is TMI. There's plenty of threads on here about people losing their jobs for online postings. Why would you risk it??