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Hey, Is there anyone here that was admitted for fall 2009 at Gordon College?... Read More

  1. by   phrozenone
    Hey, I took Obazee too at the Clarkston campus last summer. It was PURE HELL!!!! lol But anyway, were you accepted to Gordon for the fall? If so, I'm interested in the Fundamentals book. Just let me know, maybe we can set somethin up or whatever. Thank-ya!!
  2. by   FaithWorks
    I am going to stick to it now!
    Also, what did the application consist of (essay, or volunteer experience, etc.)?
  3. by   phrozenone
    sueann525, i didn't take any of my courses at gordon. that actually had me worried, i thought that would keep me from getting in.

    faith works, the application is very simple and straight forward. no essay or anything like that. they just had me fill out basic info like the classes i've taken, any work-related experience and stuff like that.
  4. by   Sueann525
    I did get in for Fall 09. I have a brand new Fundamentals text and a slightly used study guide. Both are required. Check out the prices. I'll sell both for $75.
  5. by   Sueann525
  6. by   phrozenone
    $75 total for both? Cool!
  7. by   FaithWorks
    Thank you both for the info...I'm gearing up to apply as soon as my summer term is over, which is nxt week (Thank God)!!
  8. by   phrozenone
    You're welcome! Any other questions, just ask:wink2:
  9. by   Ms. Shauntay
    Hello all newly admitted Gordon College Nursing students. I attended Gordon last semester and recently got accepted into another nursing school. I would like to know if anyone is interested in buying the whole package of books that I have? The school that I am attending does not use any of the texts that I have. So if your interested please contact me, I will definitely sell them cheaper than the bookstore price. Thanks.
  10. by   DENNUR
    These supplies..did you have to purchase them yourself? I'm sure the uniforms, and if so how much does the supplies cost?
  11. by   phrozenone
    I wanna know the same thing too DENNUR...just curious. But I'm pretty sure all this will be answered at the orientations on the 13th and 14th.
  12. by   DENNUR
    i am not a student @ gordon. I plan on transferring to gordon from gpc during the spring semester. I'd rather attend gordon's nursing program than gpc's. Extremely nervous about the teas, which i'll be taking once admitted into gordon. Not so much concern with studying the material, just the time restraint....that's what gets me.
  13. by   phrozenone
    Cool...I actually transferred from GPC as well. I was turned down 2 times from GPC's nursing program with NO VALID reason at all....still kinda bitter about that but oh well. I applied to Gordon and had NO PROBLEM getting in. I was just as nervous about the TEAS, but trust, it's not hard. Don't psych yourself out because Gordon doesn't have a certain score that they use for admitting for the nursing program. They pretty much go off of the best scores at that given time. Good luck to ya and if you have any questions...just ask.