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  1. by   cmephe22
    I will apply to another school. If you fail a course at gordon then you cant come back till you have a lpn license
  2. by   GaMommy81
    When is the deadline to apply for Spring 2010 at Gordon? Thanks!
  3. by   GaMommy81
    1. How does Gordon calculate gpa? Do they count all of the classes that you have taken or do they just look at the courses that are required for the nursing program?
  4. by   FaithWorks
    I wanna say the deadline is September 15.
  5. by   LilQueen CMA
    Is the GPA cumulative or is it just the classes you need for nursing.
  6. by   phrozenone
    They use the cumulative GPA, and if I'm not mistaken they take into account only the courses that are required for nursing. Don't quote me on that though
  7. by   Sueann525
    Oh my goodness!! FaithWorks... You were in my A&P classes at GPC w/ Prof Obazze (sp?)! How are you and your daughter?!?

    I have been accepted for Fall 09. I have an extra Fundamentals of Nursing textbook and Study Guide if anyone is interested!
  8. by   Sueann525
    Quote from LilQueen CMA
    Is the GPA cumulative or is it just the classes you need for nursing.
    You MUST MUST MUST have a cumulative GPA of 2.0. I did not know this when I applied last Fall for Spring. I had only taken three classes at Gordon and had a 1.3 GPA for Gordon's classes only. All of my other core was taken at GPC. I did not get in, the reason being if I made Cs in all of my nursing classes it would not be enough to raise in Gordon GPA and I could not graduate with anything less than a 2.0.
  9. by   FaithWorks
    Hey Sueann525, I'm sorry but I didn't attend GPC. But I do have tons of questions about gordon! The cumultive GPA thing has me confused!! Does that mean that I have to have taken classes there in order to apply?? And did the process seem competitive? I was thinking about going to talk to an advisor before I send in my final transcript form my school.
  10. by   Sueann525
    Oh wow, I took my A&P classes with a girl Named Faith Works! So sorry!

    Didn't mean to confuse you about the institutional GPA. If you have never taken classes at GDN then it does not apply to you. You can apply without having any institutional credits at GDN. It is pretty competitive, and the advisors will tell you that and they can be somewhat discouraging (at least they were for me, due to my GPA). Your TEAS and GPA are great and I think you have a competitive edge. From what I know, if score in the 80's and 90's on your TEAS you're pretty much guaranteed to get in. I was told most of your points come from getting As and Bs in your Biologys and from scoring really high on the TEAS.

    Also, Spring 2010 is the last semester GDN will be offering the ASN. They will move to a BSN program beginning Fall 2010.
  11. by   FaithWorks
    I don't think I will apply there because if they only use the classes required for their core my GPA will probably be much lower, and my sciences are not the great. Also, the fact that I have to send in a final transcript just to be accepted is not sitting well with me. I would be sitting out a semester and I may not even get in the program. I think I may put this nursing thing on the back burner and just finish up where I am, its way too stressful!
  12. by   FaithWorks
    Okay so I just called the nursing department, and the lady I spoke with gave me some hope!
  13. by   Sueann525
    Stick with it FaithWorks! I promise it'll be worth it!

    Phrozenone- Did you take any of your core at GDN?