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I am a 1st year nursing student at GPC and am having a very difficult time right now with my decision for coming to this school. The program is very unorganized. Here is a list of the problems I have... Read More

  1. by   GaNursingHopeful
    I was accepted to begin the GPC Nursing program for Fall 2010. Have there been any changes to the program, or are people still experiencing all of the negativity that has been previously posted in this forum? I'm interested to know if things are getting better. Any info or updates is greatly appreciated!!
  2. by   JustADream
    I would also love to hear some more current feedback from students that are in the program at GPC now or have just recently completed it. Thank you!
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  3. by   p421clcp
    I will complete my 1st year of Nursing school at GPC in 2 weeks. I would recommend that you apply to other Nursing schools along with GPC. I would put GPC at the bottom of your list of schools and only accept it as a last resort. I wish I had gone to another school, but I am too far along to change now. The school is very disorganized. Teachers teach from the powerpoint copied from the highlighted areas in the book. When students ask questions during class about the subject the teachers don't have the answer 90% of the time and have to use the break time to search the internet for the answer. The test questions are never on anything they lecture about. We started in Fall 09 with 175 students, the class is now down to 120 or so....after two semester!!! Make GPC your last choice in choosing Nursing school! I just tell myself one more year to go!
  4. by   mature
    I am taking a/p, chem, and micro at GPC, then transferring to Gordon. How is those prereq classes at GPC anyone
  5. by   JustADream
    I took chem and A & P I and II at GPC. I have been fortunate and have had good experiences, but it REALLY depends on your professor as I have been hearing horror stories about some of them. Check the rate my professor website before you make a decision and make sure that the instructor actually knows the material and does not just read the powerpoint slides because you need someone that can answer your questions or explain it in another way if you have difficulty with the concepts. A & P in particular is very challenging (at least for me) and I had to study constantly to get an A, but it was interesting and I enjoyed the classes when all was said and done. Best of luck!
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  6. by   Empressearth
    Good Afternoon all,

    I am in major need of advice. First I want to say I am so glad I joined all nurses, because of all the information I am getting. Ok this is the my issue. Of course I am trying to get in the nursiong program, I currently am in the pre req phase. I am trying to deceide what courses I should take this fall and spring. So far I only have chem, math 1111( due to those learning support class I had to take over because I falled by one point spring 2010 at dunwoody with the professor not even taking in consideration my father suffered a major stroke at that time, he really didnt care that I had to take care of him..but life moves positively forward!) A&P 1 to take before applying to gpc nursing program. Did I mention that I am a returning student with 2 children (1 is a senior in high school, and 1 is in a middle school), and I am a Honors Student. If I am rambling let me know . Anywhoo, for fall I am planning to take chem, math 1111, phlis. 1601. I was thinking of picking up A & P @ Dekalb tech as well so I can knock these courses out quickly. Is that too much? I was told just taking the courses without going to Dekalb Tech would put me at finishing the classes I need by the end of spring semester, to apply for Fall semester 2012 for the nursing program. NOW I am not in my early 20's or live at home with mom, so I dont have four more years of time to complete the Nursing program. Someone please give me advice, as I have been stressing over this for months, I dont want to give up because I have come so far, but Im losing faith.
  7. by   mangopeach
    OK, this is probably not what you want to hear, but I think its better to slow it down and take less classes so you have a better chance of getting the highest possible grades. I understand how you feel though, I'm a returning student myself with an 18 yr old son so I know the feeling of time is of essence. But you have to be meticulous about this. Only the highest GPAs are getting into nursing programs these days so its not just a matter of passing these classes, its passing them with flying colors.

    I would not take, chem,math and A&P all in one semester. You will need to dedicate a lot and I mean a lot of study hours to the science classes if you want to do well. I got As in A&P 1 and 2 and it was murder! I was studying at least 4-5 hrs a day. I can't imagine taking chem and math at the same time. But everyone is different.

    If you decide to do that, make sure that the A&P credits from Dekalb Tech transfer. Tech credits are not always transferable, so you want to be sure that they can be transferred if you decide to take it at Tech.

    But like I said, I personally think that is too much for one semester.
  8. by   toriann08
    Okay, let's get to 2010.

    The program is indeed highly competitive but that's what you get asking for an ASN. Just skip the ASN and go for the BSN. Many employers will look for the BSN over the ASN. If you have time for the frustration of an ASN you have time for the frustration of a BSN but in a more professional manner.

    I was denied to the GPC program because the TEAS V said I could not read but excelled in math and science portion. If that is the case for others, please keep in mind that there are numerous schools in GA. The TEAS V results are only good for GPC if you take through GPC. Soooo, please do not waste any of your two chances on the entrance exam for GPC please do it directly through ATI. Now, I have one chance left to "learn how to read", with my high GPA and a geniune interest in Nursing.
  9. by   JustADream
    For those accepted for Spring 2011, are you going to be taking other classes besides the fundamentals 8 credit hours? I have to take 12 credit hours for my financial aid and was worried it would be quite a challenge to take 2 other classes + nursing school. Also since we don't know our schedules yet, I guess the other classes have to be taken online? I thought clinical rotation might be until 11PM at night or on the weekends depending on the assignment and shift? Thank you for any insight or information!
  10. by   WndrlstRN
    JustADream -

    I too was worried about the 12 credit hours for financial aid and other related things. So, what I'm doing is taking SPAN 1002 (should be a breeze) and Fitness Walking . I really don't have any other classes to take but I have to stay enrolled full-time (especially for tuition reimbursement from my employer). I would recommend taking classes that wouldn't put too much stress or take time away from the Nursing course/clinicals. At first, I registered for online classes. However, in my 4 semester experiences with some courses online, they turn out to be MUCH more work than a regular classroom lecture (and also cost more). Hope that helps!
  11. by   Nurse4ever88
    hey! im starting gpc's program this august. how's the job finding ? were u able to find a good job, nd where? did u have previous experience?
  12. by   goldmedal
    Right on, Amigo!
  13. by   Kier7141
    Hi I am in need of some advice I want to start the nursing program at gpc next year so how is it now I know that The spring semester is no longer offered but has anything else changed? Also what are the teachers like. Also do they look at ypur gpa from other schools because mine are not that great due to family issues somebody please help