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Starting a new thread for any Georgia Highland applicants for the Fall 2013 nursing program. It's been a long road getting to this point - waiting to find out if IN for Fall 2013 :rolleyes:... Read More

  1. by   Rcha1152
    I hope that 1000+ is good enough. My class grades are really good all A's and B's but my SAT scores were awful! Yes grades at Highlands are all in and my gpa is now a 3.6, but i think it's usually the middle of June before they send out letters. Trying to stay positive and my fingers will be crossed for all as well! Good Luck to everyone!
  2. by   tailwind78
    I applied for fall 2013 as well. My question is what is a "perfect" worksheet score? I try not to get too wrapped up in it because there are so many factors that play into getting an acceptance ( wether early in the process or later). Good luck everyone
  3. by   BeeCaring22
    I don't know of too many people that applied to program but it would be great if we all got in!!! Wishful Thinking! I also had a worksheet score of 1200 + but I don't want to get my hopes up😬😊
  4. by   Rcha1152
    BeeCaring22 a 1200+ is a good score. I would have my hopes up for sure if I had that score, but I know what you mean. It would be nice if everyone could get in I know we have all worked so hard to get to this point. I would like to know how many people applied for Fall. I've never thought about it before but now I am very interested. Does anyone know how many people are accepted into the program in the fall?
  5. by   sjutras
    I emailed a nursing advisor and she told me that the cutoff score last fall was low 1000s. I'm really hoping its that rather than 1200. I hoping she is right and not the source you heard it from! :/
  6. by   Rcha1152
    No I heard that from another student and I also hope she was wrong. From what I hear every person in the nursing department gives different information so we will probably never know. I guess we will just have to hope and pray for the best!
  7. by   beatleshan
    I called and talked to the lady in admissions and she told me that the lowest score accepted for fall 2012 was 1040. My score is 1056, very nervous!!
  8. by   DMC87
    I've been waiting calmly....but the closer to the end of the month it gets the more antsy and impatient I am to
    SO hoping we hear by the end of next week
  9. by   Rcha1152
    Wow! The lowest score accepted was a 1040!? That gives me no hope at all! I guess if I don't get in I will have to retake my SAT's and try to get a higher score and apply for the Spring.
    Is this everyone's first time applying for the GHC program?
  10. by   DMC87
    It's my first time applying. @Rchs1152....the SAT was killer....much easier the 1st time I took it in high school (many moons ago). They couldn't/wouldn't recenter my old score so had to retake in February....sweated that one! Then took the TEAS in March, on top of 12 hours this semester. BIG sigh of relief when done...and enjoying the summer off!
  11. by   DMC87
    Someone asked earlier and I never heard the answer: how many are accepted for fall program...anyone know?
  12. by   svckxb01
    I spoke with an advisor a couple of months ago and she told me the largest cohort is in the fall around 100. The smallest in the spring around 50. If you go to YouTube they have posted their 2013 graduation/pinning ceremony. Lots of students graduated!!
  13. by   DMC87
    Thanks for the info! Just watched the ceremony on youtube... very nice