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Hopefully, we are getting close to hearing something. I wanted to start a new thread and see if anyone wanted to play the waiting game for fall ADN Program. We've been waiting since April 1st and... Read More

  1. by   kaylan9
    well going with that, because i will never get through all of that and do that cd properly anyway. ha.
  2. by   Starrdan2
    I just want to say that I feel today went very well!! I wish I could have talked with everyone hobo, hayley and cjohn (you know I love ya) I still need to meet sophia.

    I was thinking of hopeformelissa and freddy today. I am glad you all had a great day too
  3. by   kaylan9
    hey kbdolphin if you get this...or anyone at marietta....could someone print off three of the health history forms for me? my printer is flipping out currently. of course right now.
  4. by   jb2u
    Quote from HopeForMelissa
    Uh oh....:uhoh21:

    I think we all got so carried away in meeting each other, in our excitement, we forgot that there were "limits" to what we can and can't post on here.

    We can still private message email addresses and phone numbers....just not in this "public" forum. Let's not get our thread shut down. I'm addicted! We need to use our screen names instead of real names.

    Ya know, this thread has gotten so large and with so many pages, it might not be a bad idea to start a new fresh one for us.
    You may use your first name if you like. You also may type Mrs. R, Mr. B, etc. (this is for your name only, not that of professors. You may NOT post professors' name or initials.) Just keep privacy in mind. If you would like to start a new thread, just label it "part two" or something and I will close this one for you so that people are not posting on this one and that one.
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  5. by   hobo1020
    kaylan, I'll print you the forms
  6. by   HopeForMelissa
    jb2u...does that mean we CAN use our first names, even if it is not in our screen name? I'm just a little bit confused, because we had been using our first names. Thanks for your help!

    Do ya'll want to start a new thread? We're not technically playing the Georgia Highlands College waiting game anymore. :thnkg:
  7. by   kbdolphin28
    Yay!! I am able to access the Marietta information on Vista!!!!! Now, I can finally get organized!!!!
  8. by   HayleyBeth42
    Yes, let's start a new thread titled...GHC Fall semester
  9. by   HopeForMelissa
    Under the "students" tab, and then under the "general nursing student discussions" tab, I started a new thread titled GHC Fall Semester 2009.
  10. by   jb2u
    Quote from hopeformelissa
    jb2u...does that mean we can use our first names, even if it is not in our screen name? i'm just a little bit confused, because we had been using our first names. thanks for your help!

    do ya'll want to start a new thread? we're not technically playing the georgia highlands college waiting game anymore. :thnkg:
    yes you may. we just care about the privacy of our members. we also do not want people to be spammed by leaving their email addresses. other people look at this website, not just nurses and nursing students. also, we care about the nursing profession. if a patient stumbles upon this website, we want them to remain positive about the nursing profession. it is ok to "let your hair down," but be mindful that you never know who may be looking at your post. i want everyone to continue to enjoy allnurses, as i have. it truly is the best nursing site, imho.
  11. by   jb2u
    I am closing this thread by request. Please follow this link to the new thread. Enjoy!!