Emory Accepted Students Fall 2011

  1. Hello! I have been accepted to Emory's 2011 BSN program, and I wanted to create a new place for those that have also been accepted to keep in contact as we prepare for the fall. I am also interested in current and past students to offer any vital information that will help make this transition easier. I know this will be a very challenging program and I can only imagine everything I must do to be successful. So all advice and discussion are welcome!

    As of now, I am very anxious about financial aid because it is unlikely that I will be able to submit my income tax return by March 15th. What are all my joining class thinking about now that we got the acceptance part out the way?
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  3. by   claudia617
    Hey Shiningstar05:

    Thanks for starting this thread! What a good idea! I was thrilled to get accepted, but I am a little nervous about the money part. When I was researching the average amount of grants/scholarships given out, the site said the average was around $28,000 (I think it was on a USNews website.). I think this is promising.

    I called the admissions office today to ask some questions and they said that financial aid rewards would be sent out mid to late March.

  4. by   starsinmyhands
    Ha ha, it's funny to hear/see the reaction of ppl's faces when they learn that a semester at Emory SON is $17k!! It's too bad that they got rid of the NEAT program which used to pay 1/2 of the tuition for every year of commitment to work for Emory Healthcare.

    Also, regarding the TEAS test does anyone know if we get to choose which result we send in. I've only taken it once and although I got perfect scores for math and science portions, I didn't do as well in other sections.

    Isn't this is so exciting!?
  5. by   claudia617
    When did they add the TEAS scores? I looked on the website after reading that on the last thread and I couldn't find anything about it. I took the TEAS in December. My score was alright (I had exams that week and only studied the day before--oops), but it's not as if our acceptance will be retracted if the score isn't high enough.

    It is funny to see the faces when people find out how expensive Emory is to attend. I think it's completely worth the price though. I went to see the school last fall and was blown away by everything I saw.
  6. by   Shiningstar05
    It is very exciting, starsinmyhands!

    Based off the information from the acceptance letter, it sounds like the TEAS is not a deciding factor of whether or not we can enter into the program, but a tool they will now use to see where we need academic help. "Taking the TEAS will allow faculty to customize a program of study for each student. This customization may include one or more of the academic support services that the university makes available to students..."

    So I will look over the TEAS book and review as best as I can, but I don't think I'm going to go too crazy over it. Whatever deciding factor they use to determine whether I need help in a subject, I want to get it so I can do well in the program!

    Do you know if they got rid of CHANCES as well? I was really looking forward to the possibility of these two scholarships.
  7. by   creece15
    Hey classmates :-p

    The TEAS needless to say...I took it before winter break @ KSU and I made an 84 on it..the national average is a 62 (mercer university requires you to make at least the national average).

    I do not think Emory has the TEAS as a deciding factor, after all we already received our acceptance letters!

    @shiningstars....I do think that CHANCES is still available as Emory does not supply it directly. It is Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. I looked into it and you have to write another essay and get 2 more letters of recommendation ( I did not do it because I did not want to write another essay and get 2 more letters! Check out the CHOA website for more info :-)
  8. by   claudia617
    I haven't actually received my acceptance letter in the mail (just saw it on Opus), although I have checked the mail eagerly everyday. Hopefully, it will come today. That's good about the TEAS then. I definitely like the idea of the program being customized for me. I think I made an 88 on it.

    CHANCES is still an option and I think there is a federal nursing tuition reimbursement program that you might have to specifically ask for (from reading an old thread on here.

    I'm so excited!!!
  9. by   oaktown2
    Hey all - So I applied to Emory because I liked what I saw on the website and some of the programs they offered, but I haven't visited and now I want to learn more about the SON. If you visited, what did you like most about the program? I assume the biggest concern is probably paying for it, but did you have any other concerns? Are most of you from Georgia?
  10. by   Shiningstar05
    I live about 40 minutes (I live about 15 miles away but with the awful traffic ) from Emory. I have visited the school many times within the last 2 years for their orientation sessions, and also while volunteering at hospitals that are located within walking distance of the school. They just remodeled the SON and it is really beautiful exteriorly and interiorly. I recently went to an event called Experience Emory and it was really informative. I believe that Emory has one of the best nursing programs in the country because of the amount of resources available to students, the opportunities and experiences that you will receive, the connections that are available after graduation, and they seem to have a really supportive faculty. Emory's SON was my only choice and school that I applied to. When I imagined myself as a nurse and actually being responsible for someone else's life, I wanted to be at the best school to prepare me to be the best in this profession. They are nationally recognized and all I hear are wonderful things!

    Besides the financial concerns, I am a little concerned with going to a large university and being tested on the curriculum in a way that are not like your standardized tests. I have completed my pre-requisites at a small community college. My class size was no more than 30 students, and the classes were a lot more manageable than a state college or university. There are higher expectations at Emory, and I know I will have to put much more study time and preparation than ever before.
  11. by   bisoubisou63
    Re: the TEAS...this was never mentioned in any info session or printed material...does anyone know if BSN students have had to take it in previous years? It's annoying since the acceptance email referred to no more standardized tests.
  12. by   Shiningstar05
    LOL @ no more standardized tests. I was surprised to see that we had to take the TEAS in our official letter of acceptance. Prior students did not have to take the TEAS. I was glad that Emory didn't require the TEAS so I agree that it is annoying that they are now wanting us to take it. But, at least we are accepted no matter what
  13. by   bisoubisou63
    Still, TEAS nags at me. They have already viewed my GPA, college transcript, personal statement, and prerequisite grades. Which part of that, separately or collectively, doesn't give indication of my academic strengths. Are they trying to provide remediation opportunities for us? Grrrrrrrrrrrr...
  14. by   claudia617
    oaktown2: I also went to an Experience Emory session and just seeing the school was inspiration for really writing a great essay. Everyone was so friendly and informative. The students I spoke with were so knowledgeable and seemed to really be proud and happy to be Emory students. I was also impressed with the simulation lab. Also, Emory is connected to so many hospitals which only opens doors after completing the degree. Also, I think the program is ranked #26 in the country...not too bad.