Emory Accepted Students Fall 2011 - page 19

Hello! I have been accepted to Emory's 2011 BSN program, and I wanted to create a new place for those that have also been accepted to keep in contact as we prepare for the fall. I am also interested... Read More

  1. by   danceluver
    @ amay211--what's the AA program?
  2. by   Amay211
    @danceluver: Anesthesiology Assistant- Master's program at Emory
  3. by   danceluver
    @Amay211-oh, yea i know what your talking about....I don't want to go into anesthesiology which is why. Its seems like such a limited field, but i heard they make good $. I think its similar to CRNA in the nursing field, but a route for someone who doesn't have or want to get a bsn, right? Are you thinking about AA?
  4. by   Sibo
    Hi crjohnson10210. I am applying to Emory for Fall 2013 and I am having trouble figuring out how to register for the TEAS V exam for Emory University applicants. I am in Chicago. How did you go about do that? Everytime I go to the ATI site after putting in Chicago, Illinois as my city and state, it gives me a list of colleges in chicago and if i click on register for the ones that are not sold out, it says "this exam is only for xxxx college applicants. Do not take this if you are not applying there" And Emory is not listed in the "All Sites" field. Please help if you can. Thank you! My email is sibongilemalunga@yahoo.com
  5. by   meeep
    You won't be able to send a transcript to Emory. You need to just email them a PDF of your scores. You can also fax them a copy.
  6. by   hopefulFNP2017
    Hello, just wondering if people are still active on here? Since you all started in 2011, I'm guessing most of you are graduated and out in the workforce by now? Just wondering how it was for you after graduation, and if you have any words of wisdom?