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Hello, Just wondering if their are any current students or graduates from the Darton College Nursing Program in Albany, Georgia. I would like to hear of your experiences or any advice you would... Read More

  1. by   PeaceKeepr
    Can't speak on SWGT's program other than I work with a few girls that are going/have gone through the program and they seem to like it. I just finished my 1st semester at Darton and it was tough...but I enjoyed it. You get what you put in it...and that goes for any program. Good luck with your decision and your program.
  2. by   Nightingale11
    Can we bring this back to life?!?!

    Anyone in the program now and if so, are there still positive aspects? I'm thinking of transferring out of SWGTC and into Darton.
  3. by   youcandoit
    Wow I started this thread last year in May and now I am only 3 months away from graduation! I do not have any complaints about Darton. If it wasn't for Darton I would still be in Atlanta on a waiting list trying to get into a nursing program. Unlike horror stories I've heard in the past with instructors trying to fail you at different schools, at Darton we have more than enough resources to be successful. The resources are there you have to do the work. If you have any specific questions I will try to answer for you, but like I said no complaints to date.....
  4. by   Nightingale11
    I heard they were "losing accreditatiom", come to find out they are just having an evaluation. The lady who emailed me back said they've never lost accreditation and are just having their reaccreditation next month. Am I okay to apply?
  5. by   Nightingale11
    I'm going to take 3 core classes in January. Can you tell me where I could find a schedule of classes for spring 2011? Med term, Govt and PE.
  6. by   youcandoit
    Just go the the school website www.darton.edu, from there on the home page on the right hand side there will be a quicklink for class schedules.
  7. by   Nightingale11
    Thanks so much
  8. by   Nightingale11
    Also, will all of my credits transfer?
    I've taken all of my core except for PE, Govt and MedTerm
  9. by   Nightingale11
    Would you recommend taking Fitness 2 online? It's about cardiovascular health, nutrition?
    You don't have to travel to Darton do you?
  10. by   PeaceKeepr
    I posted early in this thread and now I'm in my second to last semester at darton! If your classes were at another university level school the class should transfer.

    I didn't think I'd like Darton prior to attending, but now I'm glad I gave it a shot.

    The weeding out is a cushy way of saying that person couldn't hack it...Nursing school is the hardest thing I've ever attempted and the most rewarding. You just have to be willing to do what it takes to make the grade, those that don't get that concept don't pass...
  11. by   Snugpeach
    one year B-term in fall to end of fall the next year. Just graduated 12/2009.
    How did everyone do on their hesi? I was tryingto get into Darton Spring 2011 but now I think my chances are slim to none. I only made a 74.44 on hesi, I have p.e. and micro as pre-reqs left, and my gpa is only 3.33. What about you all?
  13. by   PeaceKeepr
    If I remember correctly I only made a few points higher on my HESI and got in, but I don't remember exactly what I made...76ish I think.