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Hey, I live in Savannah and want to enter nursing. I'm probably going to start out as an LPN and then bridge to RN later after I have some experience and I'm comfortable with the job. I thought... Read More

  1. by   merei
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    im from south ga too and work at tift regional medical center in tifton. they have lots of benefits and pay start at 13.00 an hour plus you can get a nice sign on bonus! it is a fabulous place to work . i have been there for 6 mths now and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hi april...
    are ya'll looking for any help in the icu there? my sister is moving back down here and has been working icu for the past 2 years...

    take care
  2. by   Lorie P.
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    sometimes if you get into an interview with a certain nurse manager, they will try to work it out for you. for instance, if there is someone who wants to do the alternate 7 days. at least, i was told that quite awhile back. it might be worth a try?
    thanks so much, but the group of folks i work with right now are the best around. the 2 rn's i work with treat me with respect and know that i work as a team player. that means alot to me.
  3. by   Lindsay42
    I work in Columbus, GA and I (RN) started at $18.78/hr. $3/hr shift diff and $3/hr weekend pay.
  4. by   Luv4LTC
    Quote from nurse hobbit
    thanks so much, but the group of folks i work with right now are the best around. the 2 rn's i work with treat me with respect and know that i work as a team player. that means alot to me.
    :spin: you know that's such an important point. if you really like the people you work with, then it's worth it to stay put.
  5. by   Lorie P.
    Quote from luv4ltc
    :spin: you know that's such an important point. if you really like the people you work with, then it's worth it to stay put.

    my thoughts exactly, they treat me like and rn ( hope to be one by the end of the year) and tell me that they aren't use to working with some one that "knows what they are doing" i have only been working with this group since nov and love it. so yes, it is worth staying put!:smiletea2:
  6. by   zoeyzoe
    I work in ATL at a hospice and make $18.25/hr as an lpn ( finished lpn school jun 06), the rn makes $27.00/hr the cna $11.00/hr. On monday nights i do a 12 hr shift, homehealth and make $21.00/hr. My pay is kool for me, but i still wish to become a RN soon.
  7. by   10ACGIRL
    What about Macon, GA.? I have been a CNA since 2002 and I actually have 7 out of 8 years experience due to looking for work. In Florida I did between 9.75-11.25 an hour but I now live in Macon,GA. I have made as much as 7.60@ Plntation Suites ALF, is that what I actually should be making or should I be getting more? I know that GA. wage is 7.25 hr. but with my experience I think I am being cheated.What should my hourly pat REALLY be?
  8. by   epnurse0796
    Well for the pay northwest in atlanta area;
    Tech in hospital Full time 11-12
    Tech PRN 13.25
    --- hospital you get shift diff and weekend diff too

    Private company "clinical assistance" or MA --13-14

    LPN hospital 14-16
    LPN private company specialized 17-22
    LPN hospice/homehealth is about 15 an hour, + 20 per patient, +gas & mileage, +time 1/2 or double pay for on call

    RN hospital 25-32
    RN private

    I have always worked in the healthcare field and it helped me a lot getting a job and receiving a higher pay. It also helped me greatly throughout school and with clinicals. I have a great friend that graduated with me and she had a very hardtime finding a job. It was me going to batt for her that landed her the interviews for the 2 jobs she currently has now. We have also seen RN graduates who had a hard time finding work due to lack of medical experience.

    I actually have said many times in the past that some of nsg programs require you to be a tech and it is very smart. Those programs also have a higher rate in the employement after graduation and graduate pay too.

    Once you have completed a year of nsg school you can be hired as a tech at the hospital and work prn. This also will give you a little income if you pick up hours on the weekends and on breaks, as well as a foot in the door for an employer once you graduate. It also gives you a huge amount of resources at your finger tips throuhgout school!

    My friend that I speak of worked in another industry prior and throughout school


  9. by   DianneJ
    I have been a CNA in Cumming Ga. I only get paid 9.18 per hour. but it is based on your experience. I recieved my CNA liscenes in January 2010. So the 21st of Jan will be 1 year. I have been told get your CNA's first. Just to get the feel of things. I am also going for my LPN's and hopefully can do the bridge program and get my RN in the next couple of years. I will get there shortly.
  10. by   sleepyface
    My first job out of school I made 16/hr in the ATL area. That was in 2008. Now I live around Augusta and I make 20/hr. I don't know any LPN who make less than 16 and this is all in nursing homes.
  11. by   phrozenone
    16 is actually pretty good! I'm applying to a few LPN programs around Atlanta.
  12. by   SuperStarRN
    I am in the Atlanta area. My first job out of school in 2008 (LPN) I made $17 out the door on salary which came to $36,000/year. I have been at my current job since April of this year and make $18/hour. I can't imagine going to school and then getting out only to make $13/hour.
  13. by   sixela21
    I lived in Savannah for a few years, and my uncle was an RN at Candler--I'll have to ask him how much he made. I'm now in Atlanta, and in this area, CNAs surprisingly do not make all that much. Many I know have told me they started off at about $9.00/ph straight out of school which is what I currently make working in early childhood ed. I know two LPNs that make somewhere between $15-$20 that work part-time and have a good bit of experience.

    My mother has her CNA and has only volunteered and admitted that they do MUCH more work than the RNs that supervise them and just sit around chewing gum and passing out medication while the CNAs change pampers and lift very heavy patients, deal with name-calling, kicking, spitting, etc. You have to really be in it for the love of nursing instead of the money because you will not really be paid appropriately, sadly enough. It's different with RNs though. They are paid pretty well in Atl area. Hospitals might pay more--LTC facilities usually pay much less but will often hire recent grads, I've been told. There's high demand in that area! I had a friend who was a CNA at a hospital up north and made about $10/ph, but they worked her VERY hard. A friend of mine has already warned me that I will just be a "glorified butt-wiper" lol, but it's what I want to do, and I'm looking forward to joining the field! =)