Chattahoochee Tech ADN Program Info for Newly Accepted Students

  1. Hello! I just got my acceptance letter for Chatt Tech's ADN program beginning this August. I have been to one informational meeting at the Austell Campus (over a year ago) but had a few questions for anyone who may know the answers.

    First of all, how is the program laid out?
    I understand it is a total of 5 semesters for full-time students, which puts graduation at December 2013, I believe?
    Also, I have completed all of my coursework except for the actual Nursing Program courses (the RNSG courses), so I understand I won't be full-time. Does anyone know what classes are taken during which semesters?
    Does anyone know when clinicals start and how many days/hours per week they will be?

    I understand a lot of these questions will be answered at the orientation in June; I'm just excited/impatient.
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  3. by   Inkynurse
    I'm right there with you on the impatience thing. This is what I remember from the info meeting: Classes are 2 days a week (I think tues and thurs but don't quote me b/c I'm not sure about that). Clinicals are 2 days a week but the days and times vary depending on what they have available. I remember them saying we could be assigned at several different places, Northside Cherokee, Grady, CHOA, and other non-hospital settings. I can't remember when the program ends but it may be fall, spring, summer, fall, spring so we would be done at the end of spring 2014. I kind of remember them saying we go to class through the summer, but again, I am not positive of this.
    I don't know when clinicals start but I would think they would be sometime during the first semester. May the second half. I wish I knew someone who was in the program so we could find out this information. I know you and I are not the only ones who can't wait for the orientation!
  4. by   afterseason
    I'm right there with you. I start Fall 2012 as well, and I have been blowing up the advisor's email with questions, even though I've been told they'll all be answered during the two orientation meetings in June. I'm so anxious to prepare and have no idea what exactly I need to do! I also have completed all of my pre-req's, so I won't be full time either.
  5. by   jazzyrose
    Hey Ladies,
    I am applying to Chatt for their next ADN classes in 2013. Do you mind sharing with me your TEAS score and your GPA. I can use your totals as a guide. Its good to be able to talk to people that are actually got accepted into the program. I will be finishing up my pre reqs this fall. Thanks
  6. by   NAA MOMO
    The acceptance requirements is changing. Totally different.
  7. by   afterseason
    Prior to this recent batch of applicants, the entrance requirements were different. They looked at TEAS score and GPA to determine potential students, and then they did an interview process to make their final selection. When they switched to TEAS V, they changes the requirements. You had to have a minimum GPA to take the TEAS, and then accepted students were based soley on TEAS scores. Thus, only the 35 students with the GPA requirement who had the top 35 TEAS scores were accepted. I'm assuming they've realized what a flawed method this is, because they are reverting back to the old method -- looking at GPA and TEAS, and then doing an interview process. Additionally, you can list any sort of course-related work expereince you have to boost your chance of acceptance. They score each of these areas, and then the people with the top cumulative scores will be accepted.

    At any rate, I was accepted during the time when they look soley at TEAS score. I had a 3.89 GPA and a TEAS score of 88.
  8. by   aldCMA
    ericabeth, was your 3.89 GPA your overall GPA or just for the required courses considered for entrance to the program? That's a great GPA! I also got an 88 on the TEAS.
  9. by   afterseason
    @aldCMA - That is my overall GPA. My degree-specific GPA is 3.78.