Best kept secret: GHC RN program!!

  1. I am so relieved after seeing all these post about GPC! I started all my prenursing at GPC but with how rude the nursing staff to prenurse student applicants, I decided to try Georgia Highlands in Rome. Yes it's a drive but its only 45-1hr from Marietta no traffic! Anyways they cater their program to help students suceed in understanding nursing! You get a personal nursing teach mentor who you can go to any day and cry,discuss strategies, and get support! The test are hard and many people had to drop but they try so hard to cater to educating the students its amazing!!! THeir student success rate on the NCLEX is 99% from my understanding. I have yet to meet a teacher there who isn't caring and willing to help out students! The head of nursing program Dr.Rees is amazing! You can go into her office whenever you want to stop by, if your a pre-nursing student you can make an appt. and meet with her almost anyday! They also have a program at North MEtro tech!!! Yes it's new!!!!!! It's a satelite program from GHC in Rome. THe only catch is there are only 30 or so spots and its sponsored by wellstar so you have to work for them 2 years after gradauting! But your whole schooling is paid for!!! No matter what your GPA just as long as you stick through the program! THey even get computers from my understanding. ANyways the test are the same at both campuses so you can even work along side other students at your opposite programs!!

    If you have any questions email me through my profile page or send me a private message (PM).
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  3. by   scaredofshots
    HEY FELLOW STUDENT!! Are you first or second year? I am in the 4th semester!!!
  4. by   zazenchic
    Why hello there! And congrats on being soooo close!
    I a ma 1st year student in my second semester and loving it! It's hard work, but after seeing all these posts about some other schools I'm remembering how lucky us GHC students are!!!
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    How 'bout that test today? I fell asleep twice! I don't know if it was getting up at 4:30AM to study, or the cold med I took, but I def off my game today
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    Hey everyone! I am a GHC student and just mailed my application! I'm hoping to get in the Acworth program. (knock on wood) Are any of you in that program? What was the interview process like? What are the classes like? What are the clinicals like? Tell me about the clinical calc tests....anything you want to share is VERY appreciated!

    Thanks guys.