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Hello nurses and future nurses, I moved to Georgia in November 2011, I have been looking for a job ever since. I got a job offer 2 weeks after being here but it was a temp position and that... Read More

  1. by   T-Bird78
    GA as a whole has one of (if not the) lowest pay scales in the US. Congrats to the job and how did you get noticed by Wellstar? I've got so many resumes/applications in with them and at best will get the rejection email a month or so later and have never been called for an interview, even for one specialty that I've got over 4 years experience in.

    I see LPN job postings offering a "competitive salary" at $10/hour and that's an insult.
  2. by   bellamia1015
    Hi I was wondering how much was the company that you interviewed with willing to pay you since they said $27-30 was too much?

    Quote from EbonyRN1162
    Hi onegoodnerve, before I relocated to Georgia (Atlanta) I put tons of applications in and we finally moved I continued to put applications in I got my Georgia license and a temp agency called me within two weeks of me being here but that cam to an end in April. But even while working the temp RN position I continued to put applications in everyday and even up until this job. I have had nurses tell me that's why they aren't working as a nurse because they can't find employment because it's so copetitive here in Georgia they have so many Nursming schools and everyone graduates at the same time. Yes, they have tons of openings but aren't doing any hiring so of those same jobs that were posted before I got here are still posted. The only places that want to hire you are temp agencies and travel nursing I can't do travel nursing I have a husband and a 13 month old son. I went on this one interview and they asked me how much I was seeking to be paid and I said $27-30/hr and she said you're going to have to come down because no ones going to pay you that much, I was like excuse me. Mind you I was making that in Indiana (a small town at a small hospital) this is a BIG city and they don't want to pay plus I have tons of experience and the job offer I excepted I am making in the price range I quoted her. But thank GOD I never gave up I was almost at that point even though I didn't have to work I wanted to because I didn't spend 4 yrs. in college for nothing and $45,000 just to sit on my behind. I wish you the best of luck in your job seeking. Do not give up and just because this happened to me does'nt mean it'll happen to you, you might get a job before you even get here or as soon as you get here! Goodluck!