Anyone applied to Armstrong Atlantic State University?

  1. Hi, has anyone received their acceptance letter from Armstrong Atlantic State University for Spring 2013 entry?
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
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  4. by   Tlizotte
    I have not heard back yet. I am very anxious! Tara
  5. by   Lolita34
    Me too! I check my school email daily. I called last week and was told the applications were still being processed. Good luck!!
  6. by   NBerry
    Hey ladies, I also applied for Armstrong 2013 and a friend of mine, who also applied, emailed the department head about acceptance emails and she said they should go out by the end of this week (they were supposed to know who made it this past Monday). Has anyone received anything yet? My friend and I have been checking our emails like crazy people this week and have not gotten anything. Just curious if any of you know your nursing-GPA? I have heard that Spring is a little less competitive because there are not many Armstrong Advantage students applying in Spring. I have a 13 N-GPA but I don't know if that will be high enough. Trying not to stress this week has been so hard.
  7. by   Tlizotte
    Still nothing how do you calculate your nursing GPA? Good luck!
  8. by   Lolita34
    Nberry, I called today and was told letters will go out by the end of the month. I was also told the Spring semester is less competitive and that they get fewer applications. If I calculated correctly, I have 13 points. I too have been checking my email throughout the day every day. If I hear anything I will definitely post. Good luck everyone!
  9. by   Lolita34
    When I first went for my advisement and to have my transcript evaluated, I was told I would have had a spot last Spring. I believe the lowest number of points accepted was 10 and the most was 13 point something.
  10. by   soriyajae
    I applied as well and i havent heard anything either. How do you calculate the points?
  11. by   Lolita34
    Tlizotte, there should be a form that has how many points each letter grade is worth. The courses you had to fill in grades for, I believe in, areas A, D and F are what you need to calculate. They added those points, my over all GPA, Teas V point and since I have a BA I earned a point for having a degree.

    Don't quote me:

    A- 1 point
    B- .75 points
    C- .50 points
    Teas V test score:
    90-100 1 point
    80--89 .75 points
    70-79 .5 points
    60-69 .25 points
    You add all the points together and that is your applications points.This was done off memory.
  12. by   soriyajae
    I have about a 10 so thats a pretty low score?
  13. by   Lolita34
    Soriyajae, you never know the number of points the other applicants have. We all just need to hope for the best.

    Does anyone know how many applicants applied for Spring entry?
  14. by   Lolita34
    Has anyone applied to Georgia Coastal Community College too? I printed the applications to both the associates and BSN program. If I don't get in at AASU, I am going to retake the Teas V and apply.