Georgia joining the eNLC or NLC? What's the difference and how will it affect my licensing


Can anyone help me gain a better understanding of the difference between the two? I just graduated from my BSN program and I am in the process of registering for my license and NCLEX. I went to school and I am from North Carolina and am moving to Georgia in July to start my new grad residency. I have submitted all my application papers to the GA-BON and have registered for NCLEX on Pearson Vue. My application is still being processed and I am waiting to officially sign up for a date to test. I was told by my professors that because Georgia was not in the NLC, I would have to go there to test, however, when talking with the GA-BON they said that I could test anywhere in NC as long as it at a testing center approved by the GA-BON. I have been told two very different things now and I am not sure if it is because Georgia has been approved to join the eNLC or something else. However, I read that the eNLC in Georgia does not have an effective date yet. Does anyone know or have any idea when this might be? Will this have an effect on whether or not I can take the NCLEX in North Carolina or Georgia?

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Neither where you went to school, nor which state you are applying for licensure in have any bearing on where you need to test. You can write the NCLEX at any approved testing site, anywhere.

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Additionally, whether a state is a member of the NLC or not has nothing to do with you getting your license. You can apply for GA licensure and sit the NCLEX, physically, in NC to get a GA license.

(I never cease to be amazed at the crazy stuff people say here that their professors told them. How can you be teaching nursing and be so uninformed about how the basics of nursing licensure work? I always hope, when I read these posts about weird stuff that nursing faculty told someone, that maybe the student just misunderstood what the professor was saying (or some other reasonable explanation other than the nursing professor being wildly wrong ...))

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Very true. I graduated with my BSN in Nebraska but took boards in Montana. Arranged testing before I moved to Montana. Same test no matter where you take it.