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Hey everyone! There isn't much available on a review of the online FNP program, so I figured I would write one! I'm currently almost done with my first year in the program and working on my clinical hours.

Application process:

1. Live recorded interview in the 2GU format (this is new, I had to do a personal statement video which was pretty nerve wracking!) Be clear as to why you want to be an FNP, why you want to go to Georgetown specifically, and what plans you have in your career.

2. You do need to have a competitive resume to get in. I had a 3.4 GPA, volunteered, worked as an RN for 2+ years in acute care, helped several projects at work, was part of committees, etc. They have a lot of applications & a relatively low acceptance rate - make sure you stand out!

3. You also need all your transcripts, 1-2 page personal statement, and 3 letters of recommendation.

4. The application process itself is pretty quick. I was notified by email a few weeks following my application submission.

Now that you're in...

1. You have the option of going part time or full time. I started out full time but had to work full time throughout the program (12 hour day shift at a hospital), so I had to drop to part time in my first semester. That said, remember that Georgetown's part-time program is the equivalent of full time work at other schools! I definitely feel busy all the time. The time difference is pretty negligible (18 vs. 24 months).

2. The program is amazing! Thus far I've only had one professor that was anything less than incredible. The classes are very challenging and do require a lot of time management skills. The classes are all live webcam and call-in and are 2 - 2.5 hours in length.

3. They have two On Campus Intensives that require you to go out to the campus. I've been to one thus far and it was wonderful! They fall after your advanced health assessment and FNP 2 courses.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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Thank you for this. I have applied to the GU NM/WHNP July cohort and currently awaiting decisions. You're correct, there aren't many reviews for this program especially the NM/WHNP track. I would love hear more from current students and graduates. Good luck in your studies.


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for the FNP students of 2017 at just wanted to ask how your experienve has been?

All intel is greatly appreciated