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George Washington University ABSN Spring 2015 Entry

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This thread was created for hopefuls and future awesome nursing students to the GWU ABSN program for Spring 2015 Entry. Enjoy.


Did anyone apply yet?

Hoping to submit my app either today or tomorow!

I applied in May, but haven't heard anything yet. I was told that there wouldn't be any decisions until the beginning of August. Good luck!

You applied in May for Spring 2015 entry?

Yes, junglejim4322. I had just missed the fall cut-off date for applications.

Oh wow, I haven't applied yet...:( I am hoping to apply within the next week. Still need to work on my personal statement! I shoud've applied earlier since GWU has rolling admissions.

I will be applying as well! I haven't applied yet either :)

Does anyone know what the deadline is for this application? Secondly, does anyone know what the stats are for those who are accepted?

September 15. I'm unsure. I am applying with a 3.8.

Hey guys!

Does anyone know how long it usually takes for my GPA to be calculated after I submit the app on nursingcas? Also, how long does it take for the application to be sent to the school from nursingcas?

They say 5 weeks but mine was completed and verified in 24 hours. So don't stress. I then heard GWU received it the next day.

Yes, quick turnaround with the GPA's. Also, I know that they typically send decisions on Fridays.

Hi all! I just found out my application was complete today on NursingCAS (i.e. all my transcripts were received) and now I am just waiting on my GPA calculation. I assume once that's done GW receives the application? Has anyone on this thread been admitted yet? How long did it take for you to get a response? Fingers crossed over here :)


It took about 12 days for my GPA to be calculated and I received an email from GWU a day later stating that my application has been received. Goodluck!

Hey everyone!

Today is the deadline! Good luck to all of you! Now the waiting game starts. Does anyone know what date decisions are made by?

Did everyone apply for the W2 program?