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George Mason University FNP Fall 2017

I've applied for FNP Fall 2017 at GMU. Has anyone else applied/know when decisions may be made? Due date is 2/1. My application status is "Out for decision". It seems from previous posts that decisions weren't made until late April/early May last year but maybe that's an anomaly because some posts mentioned a delay due to staffing issues.

According to an admissions counselor I spoke to back in November when I submitted my app, decisions come out first week of Feb so just a few weeks away! :) I don't think an interview is required, but I've heard it was before from other threads, has anyone heard about this?

That would be great if they came out that soon. I saw from other threads that some DNP candidates had an optional interview. Did you apply for MSN or FNP?

This is what I got back today:

Applications completed between October 1st to November 1stcan typically expect to receive a decision by mid-January. Applications completed between November 1st to February 1st can typically expect to receive a decision by mid-March. Applications completed during other times of the year can take 6-8 weeks to receive a decision.

I applied for the Fall 2017 BSN to DNP as well. My status says complete. I hope their final decision is positive. Good luck CardianRN and please share of you get any reply.

Thanks and fingers crossed.

Hello! I also applied for Fall 2017 FNP. Anything new?

No answer yet on my end :( I called last week and was told that we all need to interview? I didn't know that, I was told that it was optional and that not everyone required an interview... hope we hear back soon :( I have some other schools I'm hearing back from very soon and I'm assuming they want an answer quick.

When you called, did anyone say when we would be contacted for interviews or hear anything?

They simply said that we should be hearing back about interview dates anytime now. I'm going to call tomorrow and see if they say anything different and post here :sneaky:

Is this for the FNP/DNP program or FNP? I was under the impression we didn't have to interview for FNP :unsure:

I applied for the BSN-DNP. I think that's the only one that would require an interview.

I asked an admission counselor if the FNP program would require interviews, this was her response on 2/14

"The admissions committee will be begin reviewing Fall 17 applications shortly. Out for decision only means that your application is complete and has been forwarded to the review committee. Once all applications are reviewed by the committee and if you are among the selected applicants you will be contacted for an interview. If you are not contacted for an interview you will receive an email with a final decision."

Any word yet from Mason? Still haven't heard anything!

Got an email this evening for a group interview in a couple of weeks. Not sure if this is a DNP thing only though? I kind of remember interviews only being necessary for DNP.

Congrats cardiac_RN, I also applied and received the email for the group interview. Do you have any idea this interview is mandatory and if the decision will be made after this interview.

I was also wondering what they are expecting from us during the interview. I was reading the posts from last year, applicants were asked to write "story about themselves" are we also going to write something there.

I am nervous and excited at the same time.

No clue. There were a decent amount of people on the email and only an hour for the interview so I'm assuming they'll put us in groups...maybe. í ½í¸€ No idea about mandatory/non-mandatory.

I also received email for interviews, I'm only doing FNP not the DNP. Not sure what to expect, but I'm guessing it is a group of applicant interviews since I asked if there was an alternative date to come in and they only gave me alternative time slots on the same date.

I got accepted :) Anyone else check their status?

i applied for MSN-FNP, my app still says out for decision. did you get an email too or just checked the application site?


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