How hard is genetics? Once I'm finish taking my A&P classes (which will be in Spring '17) I wanted to take Genetics. Is it really hard? I'll have to take it eventually, so I might as well get it out of the way soon.


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Genetics is like any other science...if you like it and you easily "get it" you'll do great. If you struggle with sciences well then you may end up hating it!

I loved my genetics class. It was interesting and challenging. It also was the first time statistics made any sense to me :up: Good luck!

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Did you like the section on genetics in your General Biology class? It's just a much more in-depth version of that material.


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I did find it interesting! It wasn't my favorite though, lol so idk. It's either that or microbiology, which I may go for. I'm really interested in cell biology.