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Does anyone have a suggestion for the right blend of fabric that I can buy that will be the least likely to be see-thru???... Read More

  1. by   prmenrs
    It didn't take an hour because if you were smart, you put the uniform together the night before--collar and cuffs attached to the under dress, in my case, blue- and attached the bib to the apron. Of course, once or twice you'd forget to get your uniform from the room downstairs, and end up making a mad dash down the elevator in your robe, and the putting it all together on the elvator ride back up--this was not fun, and usually protended a rotten day. We didn't have to even own a car--just walked through a "tunnel" from our dorm past the morgue and into the hospital--no snow days for us!!!
  2. by   Vmommyx4_RN
    The nursing students that graduated a couple semester ago were successful in their attempts to have the student nursing scrubs changed. The student nursing scrubs were white, but now are a navy blue pant and top with a white lab coat. The top and lab coat are both embroidered with school name.

    At any rate you could try contacting Washburn University School of Nursing in Topeka, KS to find out why they went with the change. Perhaps with the right info and persuasive argument, you too could be successful in having your student nursing scrubs changed. Good luck, and remember, this is only a temporary state, this too shall pass.
  3. by   Kathylynn
    Yeah, I have to wear the white uniform too. The 1st time we had clinical a bunch of us were walking into the nursing home and we just had to make fun of ourselves. But soon they will be burning in a fire.
  4. by   SimplyMe
    Oh my gosh..I am so glad to hear that everyone hates the white uniforms. But, it sounds like some of you are far worse off. I can just imagine myself in that white uniform I'll look like the miniature Michelin man (fyi: I am short and fluffy)
  5. by   JennyRN2B
    Silly me! I thought when I applied to nursing school that we would get to wear cutey scrubs....How WRONG I was. I was in the bookstore yesterday and saw the dreaded "whites". EEEWWW It is exciting to think however, that when I am wearing them,(as ugly as they are) I finally made it!!

  6. by   Alie
    We were fitted last week for our uniforms. All White, no less!! I''m thankful for the scrub jacket. I don't know how they will make it through 4 semester's of school and still be white?! Our's are not even a brand name, the people that fitted us came from FL. The elastic waistband was so tight, but they fit everywhere else. They said they would take elastic out some since they have been having a problem with this. It felt you could pull a car with it!! And I have to wear this.
  7. by   RN2B2005
    Landau makes a nice 'student whites' set that is not see-through and has simple lines which are very flattering. The fabric is VISA soil-release polyester/cotton blend. I think the problem is less the colour of the uniform than it is the quality of the fabric used to make the uniform. Since schools commonly go with the lowest bidder, it makes sense that the fabric would be cheap. Ask if you can buy your own scrubs or uniform and have the school patch sewn on.

    Also, the beige bra/panties thing helps.
  8. by   dianacs
    Remember, the all-white uniforms will make our skin look less pasty during the winter months! Right? oh, who am I kidding?
  9. by   Vsummer1
    TIP for white uniforms: do NOT sew your patch on. Use either velcro or safety pins. That way you can use bleach and hot water to wash it.