Your test taking strategy-what works for you

  1. We all do tests differently. I've heard of some who go through once, answer only the ones they know for absolute certain, then go back to the "not quite sure" ones and answer those, etc. We do Scan-tron tests, so some also circle the correct answer on paper, then go in and fill the bubbles in on the sheet all at once, instead of as they go. Go back and check your answers? CHange any?
    What works for you?
    I go with the "Don't think, just answer" theory. That sums it up, too. I read it. I know it, or I don't. If I don't, I think about it, but i try not to overanalyze, or i'll get confused. Helps that I am a fast reader, I guess. I never change answers, I never review answers. As soon as I finish the last question, I am up and out the door. 55-65 question tests, done in around 45 minutes (if that) every time. Good grades, too.
    I am always afrAID i'LL change a right answer to a wrong one (it happened the one time i changed). afraid i'll overthink it and analyze too much and answer wrong. afraid i'd run out of time.
    Curious as to what works for you!
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  3. by   RainDreamer
    I do pretty much just like you said. We have 50 questions on each exam, and I'm done in about an hour (I'm not a fast reader, so it takes me a bit more time).

    First off, I set my scantron aside. I circle the answers on my test and then after I'm all done, then I go and bubble them in on the scantron, just works better for me that way, that way I can concentrate on just the exam and not on bubbling in stuff as I go.

    As I read the question, I cover up the answers. Then I think about what I know, what first comes to my mind, I even make little notes about what I know that pertains to the question. Then I look at the answer and see what's there that first came to my mind. If I'm not totally sure of the answer, I go through and mark off the answers that I know aren't correct, then I guess from there.

    I either know it or I don't. If I sit there and think and think and think about it .... that's not going to help anything. I just go through the test once. I don't skip ones I don't know and go back. Once I turn the page, I make sure I have answered each one, and I don't look back! I never change answers, unless I somehow read the question wrong or marked the wrong one by mistake. After I'm done, then I bubble in the answers on the scantron, go back through the scantron just to make sure I got them all. And that's it. Works well for me.
  4. by   Peachy720
    Quote from RainDreamer
    First off, I set my scantron aside. I circle the answers on my test and then after I'm all done, then I go and bubble them in on the scantron, just works better for me that way, that way I can concentrate on just the exam and not on bubbling in stuff as I go..
    That's exactly what I was going to answer. I have done in that way for the last couple years, and have advised friends to do--their grades have improved tremendously.

    Other than that, not much...Unfortunately, I don't put as much "thought" into it as you guys..just try and see what comes to me on instinct.

    Have to admit, I'm veeeery anal when it comes to checking the scantron. I'll check that sucker sometimes 3 times to make sure I have what I put on the test or make sure I didn't leave any blank or mess up the numbers..yet, I ALWAYS have one that I just didn't read all the possible answers and miss an "all of the above"...ARGH!!! :angryfire
  5. by   collegegurl_2003
    My test taking depends on what mood I am in. Before this semester every test I took in high school or college I would start on the last answer and work my way to the first. Then I would start on the first and work my way toward the last on the ones I didnt know. This semster I have done a few tests like that. I learned quickly last semster not to go back and erase. About 75% or more that I erased i would have got right. So now I use a clicker pencil and take the eraser off and lay it on my desk or something. Since I took the eraser off I did alot better. I usually do a 50 question test in 30 minutes. Also I like to have some wintergreen lifesavers handy during the test. They tend to take some of the anxiety away. It may be a weird way to take a test but I usually score in the mid to upper 80s. It's what I found worked for me.
  6. by   mom2michael
    We take all of our tests on a computer. I go through the entire test 1x and answer everything I know and I go with 1st gut instinct. I don't change those. On a piece of paper I write down the #'s of the ones I'm not sure about but I skip those (sometimes those are answered later on in another test question or my test anixety drops enough that I can actually look at the question and get the answer). At the end I go back to the ones I had ?s about and answer those, again with 1st gut instincts only. And then because I'm totally anal, I go through the test just one more time from start to finish, read each question and make sure I didn't miss the word "except" or something silly like that but don't change my answers unless I misread the question...then I hit sumbit.

    Usually takes me about 40 mins. to take a 50 question test and I usually do pretty good on them