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Hi All!! First off, let me say how I love the site. Anyways, I started class last week and it is very overwhelming. I have a BS in Biology and decided that after 3 years in the real world, that it... Read More

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    I'd just like to say that my nursing curriculum sounds similar. We had to teach ourselves dosage calc from a book and take the test. 90% or above, you can remain in the program. Below that, you have one more chance, and then you have to wait and apply next year.
    We haven't started class just yet... we start on Tuesday. Had a two day orientation... we have to read 10 chapters before the first day of class. Sheesh.
    We also have to check off skills in lab before we can perform them in clinical. We have a pretest for each lab, and have to pass it with a 70% to participate in lab for that day. Then you do the skill for the instructor and she checks you off. If you want any practice time (and I'm sure everyone does), you have to do it on your own time, not during your assigned lab period.
    We start clinicals in two weeks.
    We have 4 hours of lecture a week, 1 hr 40 min of assigned lab time, and 14 hours of clinical.
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    About drug calc...
    we had to take an entire class on dosage calculations. We did this our freshman yr (while we were still pre-nsg. majors) A passing grade of C- in the class was requried for entrance to the nsg. program. After we got thru that, we have to take a dosage calc. test every semester and pass with a 90% or better before we can begin clinical. Calculators are permitted after the soph. year. That is a very good thing.
    About clinical- we did six weeks of lab b/f clinical where we had to demonstrate every skill, and were graded on it. Then, the first time we performed that skill in the hospital, we had to have our instructor with us, to be "passed" on it. I must say though, although they are tough, my instructors were awesome, always willing to give extra help on what to them must have seemed incredibly mundane.
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    I had to take a dosage calc test on Friday. You had to get every question right. Miss one and you fail! I got 100%! Most people did too, and the ones who didn't in my clinical group missed only one by a decimal point. They get two more chances to pass.
  7. by   Kiwi Ali
    Hi, I'm doing a 3 year Bachelor Of Health Science (Nursing) degree in New Zealand. I'm in my first year.
    for our first semester, it was all theory - Human Development, Interpersonal communication, History of Nursing, Microbiology, A & P, and Vital signs for our Professional Practice module.
    2nd Semester is Care of the Elderly, 150 hours of clinical, Social Science (community assessment here), Knowledge in Nursing (ethics, advocacy, valuing etc), Pharmacology and the rest of A & P. We have to do 2 care plans in our clinical and a student learning log (like a diary but more reflective thinking)
    Next year I think is med/surg and psych.
    We had lots of MCQ's in semester one and some short answer exams, and review questions of the A&P, plus written essays and a video communication assignment. This semester we have 2 group projects and 2 verbal/visual presentations, plus a 2500 word essay.
    Lots of fun!!!!