1. Ok.. I guess I may be a lil freak to be sooooo excited about what I did tonite... I am fixing to start my 2nd semester of nursing school in August, and right now I am working at a local hospital on an Orthopedic floor as a PCA (Patient Care Assistant)... Well I am doing my normal thing and one of the nurses comes up to me and say "Hey, you wanna put in this Foley?" (we learn how in the next semester) "I was like PCA's can't do Foleys".. She said "umm yeah ya'll can" So I was a lil nervous and she said if I didn't want to that was fine.. But I said what the hell, I am gonna have to do it next semester anyways.. So I went in a lil nervous, not too bad though.. And I got it on the first shot.. WOOHOO and it was on a female with a broken hip, so she couldn't move her legs... The nurse said she was "impressed" that i got it on the first poke...

    Gosh, I can't believe I am soooooo excited about a foley hehe
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  3. by   subec
    Hey nurs2b---that's great!!!

    I hope I'm that excited about learning skills when I start this Aug.---I'm sure I will be. I'm so excited about starting clinicals this fall, that it seems like this summer is lasting forever.
  4. by   Robin61970
    Good for you.........glad you got to experience that!!
  5. by   Neon8
    Congratulations on your success! I sounds like you have a very supportive staff where you are.
  6. by   elusive
    Way to go. Very impressive. Want to hear something totally embarassing..and swear to god i never did this...but in my second placement in second semester (we do a lot of placements) we were inserting catheters and i swear 3 different girls tried to insert the catheter into the clitoris...and they couldnt figure out why it wasnt going in... i dont know what they were thinking..