1. Ended up with a B- in my Micro class! Not sure if I actually earned it or not, with the way the semester has been in my private life....

    But, I am NOT going to argue about it...

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  3. by   essarge
    WTG!!!! I've got micro next semester and am not looking forward to it at all!!
  4. by   Robin61970
    I also have Micro next semester......scary,lol.....
  5. by   peaceful2100
    WTG MARLA, Hope next semester will go the way you want it to go and I hope the same for EVERYONE here on this board. One thing is for sure we are hard workers, and we help each other out the main thing is how much we are learning and how much we learn. If we have the good grades to go with how much we learn then that is really awesome and icing on the cake.

    I know I have been pretty anal about trying to get a perfect 4.0 but for this semester I am glad to receive what I got. If I would have put a little bit more effort into it and study EVERYDAY then I probably would have done a little better. One thing is for sure I did learn quite a lot and like I said that is the main thing. I am not talking about anyone here because from the sounds and looks of it those with the higher GPA's are also good clinical wise and know their information too. But I have heard from people that sick people would rather have a nurse with a high GPA then one who has barely passed. I don't think that is true at all. Think about it. A sick person would rather have a nurse who barely passed and knows what she/he is doing and rather than the nurse who had a high GPA and DO NOT have a clue what they are doing. My cousin sadly flunked out at her school and she has a 4.0 but she failed clinicals because she was constantly not being safe and not providing good care and my cousin was the one who kept telling me that she thought she was good because of her 4.0 and that a patient would rather have a nurse with a higher gpa and then once she found out she failed clinicals she called me crying and asking me what she should do.

    Anyway, It took me a while but I finally have learned to be happy with my gpa 3.0 I have worked hard and I will work a little harder next semester to see what happens.

    Micro is pretty scary but I did better in Micro then I did in Anatomy and physiology
  6. by   giftedRN

    I too have micrbiology next semester. During the Christmas break I have decided to read up as much as I can about this subject. I have gotten also some self test papers on all areas that will be covered next semester.

    I heard that microbiology is hard but I am determine to beat the odds. I have made up my mind to work hard at it and try to understand the contents of the subject being taught.

    I wish you guys all the best for next semester and can assure you that we will be successful in all the subjects that we choose.
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    I took Micro with lab this pass summer and it is one of the two classes I earned a C in. The other was Inter. Algebra...I nearly protested against the C in Algebra because I went into the fianl with a high B and thought the final was pretty easy...but I am just thankful I passed.