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Wow.. I went to pick up some of my books for Nursing II, and I got our clinical syllabus and there are about 60-70 Drugs that we have to know everything about for our first 2 tests.... I think even... Read More

  1. by   GPatty
    We had Pharm for an entire semester! And I still don't think we had that many drugs! (Probably did though).
    Renee has a good idea....wish I'd have known about it sooner...
  2. by   suzielee
    All I can say is flashcards, flashcards, flashcards
  3. by   Ortho_RN
    Gosh I don't think it would be AS bad if it was a class into itself... But Geesh, I think we might get one or two lectures, and then it is up to us to learn them (gotta love that self teaching method) I am going to start working on them today, maybe by the time classes start I won't stress so bad
  4. by   ekianurse
    I agree with the flashcards. Buy a Med deck (pre-printed drug cards). Use them as flash cards and in clinical. They run about 30 or 40 bucks but are worth their weight in gold.