Yay! First Semester is OVER!!!

  1. I just took my final yesterday and I passed the class with an 86.75%! Got an A, but at least I passed! Even with an instructor who was awful at lecturing and often gave us the wrong info. Can't wait for next semester now!
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  3. by   ibmaryann
    Doesn't it feel great!!!! We had so many ( around 40) that didn't make it that far!!!! 1 down 3 to go. I didn't get the A I wanted either.
    God Bless
    Mary Ann
  4. by   PurrRN
    Took my final on Dec 4th......ended up with 85%=B. I was THRILLED because I didn't know what to expect my final grade would be. As someone who "usually" earns A's, I would have been happy just passing, so getting something a little higher is just icing.

    Now if we can just do it again next semester we'll be halfway to our goal!

    I hope everyone has a nice relaxing break and a happy and enjoyable holiday :Reindeer:
  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    Congrats all!!

    I, too, passed my final on Monday and got a "B" overall and am pleased!! I also found myself just hoping for the "C" there at the end so that the semester wouldn't have been a total waste!!

    Enjoy the break!!
  6. by   kintaro
    Finally, the first semester is over. I just wrote the last exam this morning. I never felt this good before. Yap, NURSING isn't the easiest program for sure. I really struggled the beginning of the semester, because I didn't know what to expect and how to study.
    I feel much more confident after going through the first semester, though. And the best of all, I met wonderful people in the program! I am glad I decided to go for nursing.
    It's Christmas time. For every nursing student: Have a great holiday, because you deserve it!!!!
  7. by   anewday

    I am done as well...but I am sitting around anxiously waiting for the instructors to post grades !!!
  8. by   Brycemom, RN
    Congratulations all . I took my final this morning and passed it and my final grade was 87% I am so relieved and ready to take break. Have a Great Christmas y'all (I'm from the south) we all deserve it.
  9. by   WDWpixieRN
    Quote from kintaro
    Finally, the first semester is over. I just wrote the last exam this morning. I never felt this good before.
    I see my reply to this thread 2 years ago above yours. Does this bring back memories!!

    And since I'm heading in for a 12-hour overnight shift, some jealousy! :wink2:
    Enjoy the break because it's possible that you, too, will be looking forward (not) to working the Christmas holidays in a couple of years!! :christmastree:

    Good luck all!! :redpinkhe :redpinkhe