Worried First Day of Clinical

  1. I need some advice, it kind of has me worried. Today was my very first day of clinical and when I was put under the supervision of an RN and a newer RN she was also helping out. This is the first day, so I was basically shadowing. We started watching the newer nurse pass meds. In one patient's room, she was passing meds and the other RN left and told me to stay with her. The newer nurse said if I could just open the packets she had ready and put them in the little plastic cup. I did as I was told and she then handed the patient the meds to take. I am now worried because after that happened I felt uncomfortable like I should not have opened the packets. I am worried now can I get in trouble for helping her open them?
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  3. by   mindofmidwifery
    If the nurse already reviewed and scanned all the meds, I wouldn't be worried. You could have also checked over everything but all you did was open everything. During my first med pass in my med surg clinical, that's basically all I did too.
  4. by   Cowboy96
    lol your at clinical. do whatever you want and learn. your not going to kill a patient in a medsurge floor unless your actively trying to
  5. by   Rebekulous
    As a student you can administer meds under the supervision of a licensed nurse. So even though the nurse was newer, she still was there supervising you. As you go on in clinicals you will hopefully be able to practice giving medications -- including going through the 5 Rights. (Or is it 6?) The nurse should have gone through all those verifications before she had you open the packets. I wouldn't worry about it.

    If you're ever asked to do something you're uncomfortable with, you can always talk to your clinical instructor about it.
  6. by   J.Adderton
    I taught nursing clinicals first and second semester. I don't see any problem as long as you are with another nurse.