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  1. Hi All!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of nursing!

    I am an experienced nurse putting together a presentation for some high school students (read: potential nurses). If you could help me out... What were your top five questions about nursing before making your decision? I've got some time to work on this, but any help would be appreciated!

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  3. by   Rapheal
    Dear JonnyGage,

    I am an RN but my child who is in High School is thinking about becoming a nurse (or teacher, or nun), and was talking to her guidance counselor about her thoughts for the future.

    The gc told her that nursing was too hard and most people who start nursing school do not complete it. I know this fact about the % of students who graduate is probally close to factual but I was so upset that she told her "not to even think about being a nurse". The media portrayal of the nursing shortage and the hard working conditions have led many people to believe that nursing is not a good profession to get into.

    Her algebra tutor also told her not to go into nursing because "most nurses leave their profession for other jobs". I should let you know that my child is a good student and has already won a scholorship in her sophmore year so she is not a person who is not capable.

    So please let the kids know how much you enjoy nursing and why you think it is worthwhile. Also my daughter asked me if I thought she was "smart enough" to be a nurse. lol she is incredibly bright. But kids are unsure of themselves and they need encouragement. Also the tv show ER may lead them to believe that nursing is mostly trauma, which may scare them. Her number one question to me was "Do you think I could be a good nurse?" The second question was " What classes will I need to take before the nursing classes?"

    Sorry for such a long post. Hope it helps a little.
  4. by   essarge
    While I am a non-traditional student, I can tell you one thing that drew me into nursing was the vast areas that nursing can involve career wise.

    Teens enjoy things like mystery (forensic nursing), elderly (geriatric nursing), kids (pediatric nursing), etc, etc, etc. Go over the exciting aspects of nursing and stay away from the negative. Maybe you could get brochures and handouts of different areas. I know that johnson and johnson have a sight that will send you free brochures and posters to use.

    Have fun with it!! Sounds great!
  5. by   javamom
    Great suggestions!

    Also, one of the newer nursing trends that would have "hooked" me when I was younger, was the legal nursing aspect! Many schools are offering paralegal nursing courses now!
  6. by   JohnnyGage
    These are all great suggestions ... but I actually need specific questions that a pre-nursing student might want to know. I'm setting up a bulletin board at the begining of this presentation (it's kind of a walk-through, view at your own pace sort of thing) and I want to highlight five-or-so top questions/answers in bullet form.

    The rest of the walk-through would expand on the answers and highlight different areas of nursing.

    I already have: 1. How much do you make? and 2. What kind of education is required.

    How about some others?

  7. by   essarge
    What courses would I have to take first before I get into the nursing program? Is school really hard? What is the NCLEX exam? What kind of nursing can I do after I graduate? What courses should I take now to prepare myself to go to college for nursing? What's the difference between a teaching hospital and a community hospital? Is there a lot of math in nursing? What kind?

    These are a few that popped into my head...hope they help.