Working Night-Shift and Going to School

  1. I'm going for an interview next Tuesday for a Unit Secretary position at a local hospital. The only hours that they have available is 7p-7a. I've never worked night shift before so I don't know if it would be for me or not. My biggest concern is, how can I keep up with my studies with those hours? I'm only taking A&P this semester on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Which isn't a big problem but what I'm concerned about is not getting enough sleep. So my question is, has anybody ever had a schedule like that and if so how did you make it?
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  3. by   WickedRedRN
    Years ago, when I was 1st went to school, I worked 11p-7a and found it worked pretty good. I either scheduled one of the 8am classes that everyone hated, or took and evening one. I worked in a state psych hosp then and we were allowed to read during the shift when we our work was done and in between face to face bed checks. I was able to study at work which was a plus!
  4. by   enfermeraSG
    I have got through all my prereqs that way, and am now heading into semester #2 of nursing school while working full-time nightshift. That's the same shift that I work - 7p to 7am. It is possible, but more difficult. I prefer to schedule my shifts on the night after classes. I cannot work all night and then sit through lectures and retain anything. My exams would also be disasters! I also have 3 children so I am not as resilient to staying up without sleep. Good luck! SG
  5. by   renerian
    My son and Dtr in law are both in nursing school part time and working full time nights. They are very tired. Do you have any kids? That makes it hard. They do not let you rest much.

  6. by   acgemt
    One of the techs that I used to work with did full-time nights 7p-7a...he was married with two little ones. I don't know how he did it honestly. Night shift isn't for everybody, but I would advise you to not pass up an opportunity. If you decide it isn't for you, then oh least you gave it your best shot. Good luck to you...and get a good days sleep!!
  7. by   mnurse3139
    taking a and p classes twice a week shouldnt be no problem, as long as you dont have kids keeping you up. I went to Adn program working fri, sat, and sunday, sometimes fell asleep in class but nursing classes are tougher and more demanding than basics.
  8. by   RN_2007
    They were very helpful. I've thought it over and I'm not going to let this oppertunity pass by. I've never worked night-shift before so I don't know how it'll work out. I do not have kids so that's not a big problem. I was mainly concerned with my studies and sleep.
  9. by   garn2b
    Congrats on this opportunity, and please keep up posted.
  10. by   MtnMan
    I'm doing it right now Sat,Sun,Mon 7p-7a and get paid for 40 hours. Taking 10-12 credits a semester. I also have 2 kids and commute 50 miles to school 4-5 days a week. You just have to decide if you want it bad enough. Sleep is overrated and can be done in small doses.
  11. by   dixienurse2be
    hey...I'm from alabama too! What part are you in? for the job..I say go for it. I'm starting my 2nd semester of lpn school and a guy in my class is an ER tech overnights. He is married and has 3 kids too. He's made it through classes and I think he had a 4.0 this semester. He is tired alot and I know he doesn't sleep much. There were many days where he clocked out, changed clothes, and came straight to clinicals. Since you are still in pre reqs you should be ok. Good Luck!
  12. by   moonbunnie
    Well...this is a very sad story...we had a girl in my nursing class who was working full time nights, and going to school full time days, and not sleeping much, and the week before finals she was in a car accident and died. It was so sad, because she was so sweet, and i think she was just trying to do too much. so, if you decide you can go without much sleep, be very careful when driving.
  13. by   toadie
    i work nights midnight to 8a and take classe in the dAY. full time school and part time work, the key is to correctly balance your schedule to what works for u. make urself a sleep/hw scedule but be slightly flexible. sometimes i have to force myself to sleep when im not tired to make sure i will be functional at work. also, i tend to do better with more frequent bouts of short periods of sleep rather than one long session. by short i mean 3-4 hurs at a time. sometimes i will starve myself of sleep the night before to make sure i sleep before work. good luck.
    u are capable of things if u really want to attain them.
  14. by   SusanJean
    A fellow classmate of mine ( a few semesters ago) - premed- worked fulltime nights and carried a fulltime, heavy school load. He is/was from another country and had very limited resources.

    As brilliant as he was, his school work suffered from his chronic fatigue. He was always falling asleep during classes and our study time together.

    He was my "study buddy" for organic...absolutely brilliant... but he would miss tens of points that he knew just from being so tired.