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I am starting Nursing School in January and I am wondering how many hours those of you in the FULL TIME programs are working and still managing to pull off good grades??? How many hours, what is... Read More

  1. by   IrishItalianRN
    So then your in block 4 and its the hardest so far?
    Thanks for all your feedback! It's made this a lot easier!!
  2. by   Jessy_RN
    I've been a full-time student and am on my last week of pre-req's. I worked 2 part-time job and managed to pull all A's and 1 B+

    I start nursing program on the 9th of January and plan to work the same or maybe a bit less.

    Good luck
  3. by   IrishItalianRN
    I worked full time all through the pre reqs (4 years) up until last FEB. I managed only C's and B's though.
    I hope that working part time in Nursing School will allow me to pull off A's and B's.
  4. by   pink2blue1
    My program is 40 hours a week (8:30am-4:30pm) Monday through Friday. I work part time 1 day a weeek as a CNA in a hospital. I work 12 hour shift. I also have 3 kids at home (8,6 and nearly 2 years old) I have managed to keep above a 90% average. In January I start clinical and we will be in the hospital M, T, W for 6 hours and in the classroom for Th, F 8 hours each day. I think I am only going to keep to 1 day a week otherwise I would work Sat, Sun and then be in Clinical M,T,W. I don't think I could handle being in the hospital 5 days in a row! LOL! It's hard work, but well worth it in my opinion. I have had to give up alot of my free time (ok ALL of my free time! LOL!) and I have given up precious time with my kids (missed 2 awards ceremonies already this year) but it's well worth the sacrifice for me. We graduate in September 2006.

    Good luck and I hope you don't have to put it off any longer.
    Hey Italian-

    I Am Currently A 3rd Semester Student In An 2 Year Rn Program At A Community College In N.c.... I Currently Work 32 Hours Per Week (2-16 Hour Shifts) Working In Home Health As Well As Serve In The Army Reserves As A Combat Medic- In My Job As A Home Health Aide My Employer Allows Me To Bring My Homework And Laptop To Work With Me- Many In My Class Have Quit Their Jobs Because They Have Had Such A Hard Time Juggling School And Work- I Know You Have Applied For Float Pool But Have You Thought About Home Health? You May Get As Lucky As Myself And Be Able To Bring Your Care Plans And Books And Laptop To Work With You And Have Time To Study And Complete Assignments! Not Every Home Health Agency Will Allow For You To Bring Things With You, Mine Does Because They Encourage Education (especially In The Medical Field) And The Home I Work In Constantly Also Allows For Me To Bring My School Work With Me...
  6. by   IrishItalianRN
    thats a great job that allows for you to do that! Can Nursing assistants work in home health though? I wasnt sure if thats what you were or if you were working as an LPN finishing the RN... ?
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