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Hey guys and girls. Got a question about working while in school. I just finished my general education requirements and will begin the ASN program this Fall. I am an EMT Basic. I worked 48 hours... Read More

  1. by   boricualuna
    I'm about to start my second semester this week. My first semester I worked 36 hrs (fri-sun 12 hr shifts each) and took 9 credit hrs, nursing skills, assessment and foundation. I passed all check off on the first try and passed the semester with 2 As and 1 B oh and I'm also a mom two kids (6 and 3 yrs). I plan to work 36 hrs a week as much as possible this semester along with taking adult health with clinical, OB with clinical and pharm. it was not easy but I always kept my grades up and never missed or failed an assignment/exam. You can do anything you put your mind to just remember that you have to work hard and know that it's only for a little while. Good luck!
  2. by   jhopper
    To pull a heavy load at school and work you have to have it together. You have to be able to multi task, manage time efficiently, and maintain a family. Imagine what you'll be able to do when you graduate and you can focus you're time on a nursing career! Good luck to you as well, stay focused.
  3. by   corizrf
    I'm starting next Tuesday and I'm going to work a 48 as well every week... I'm a Firefighter/EMT-I any advice or suggestions?
  4. by   SummitRN
    It depends on your services call volume... but no-sleep-24 or 48 into a 12 hour clinical is a BAD plan.