Will you change anything?

  1. Well folks This semester is almost over. I have 33 days left. I know many of your semesters our over even sooner than that! How are we doing? Did we find any routines, or study skills that we should continue? Anything we should change?

    I would like to continue doing assignments in advance. I would also like to NOT feel guilty when I go out with friends. Next semester I have a light load, so I should be able to accomplish these things.

    So, what are your "New Semester Resolutions"? We dont have to wait till New Years Eve to make them
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  3. by   kennedyj
    to not feel guilty about going out with friends we would get together and do a lot of group studying. A case of beer, I would bring my cigars, books, and our little crown of about 8 people. We would drink beer and study for tests and boards. We all did well. One day we went to a restaurant between classes. Everyone started slamming Margeritas. There was about 15 people stumbling into class. hehe...

    bottom line ..do what you need to do but have fun doing it!
  4. by   peaceful2100
    Yes I will try to not stress out as much anymore. (Sometimes easier said then done but I am much more able to manage my stress than in the past) I will be totally organized by the second day of class instead of the second week of classes. I will push myself to start studying for a test at least a week in advance instead of 3-4 days in advance. I did much better this semester though because last semester I would wait 2 days or even the night before before I would start now I study 3-4 days in advance. Next semester I will aim for a week in advance.

    This is not really studying related but next semester I will become involved in a couple of school activities like NSNA.
  5. by   essarge
    I WILL get a head start on next semester by starting to study before the semester begins

    I WILL stay on top of studies

    I WILL NOT stress over an exam already taken (can't cry over spilled milk)

    I WILL put more effort into school than I did this past semester

    I WILL take hubby out to eat at least every other week and spend some "me" time every week.

    I WILL stay away from negative people as much as possible.

    I WILL NOT watch the lifetime movie until all homework is done!

    I WILL have fun with my studies this coming semester.
  6. by   giftedRN
    I will try to be the best I can this coming semester. I did well this semester and hoping to continue.

    My assignments are always on time and I study everyday! Yes everyday. I am working very hard to maintain my GPA because it is very competitive here to enter the nursing college.

    God is going to help me through all this.
  7. by   peaceful2100
    Now essarge you take the fun out of everything.(LOL) I love the Lifetime network both the regular station and the movie station.
    You're right though school is defintely more important that is why if something good is coming on I put a tape into the VCR.