Why cant I see my final test paper?

  1. Anybody else have this policy in their school?

    I've never cared much to see my paper in the previous semesters but being a senior I think its helpful for the nclex to see the answers for the final. teacher reviews and lets us see all exams except the final. what is up with that? ive even approached her privately but still is a no go. I really wanna see my paper only for nclex purposes. dont care to argue questions anymore, just want to see the answers and why. any ideas on how i can convince teacher to let me?
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  3. by   meownsmile
    Our instructors didnt give us the opportunity to see our final tests. During the school year we could review our tests at the end of the period but werent allowed to take them away from the instructors desk and in no way write down the questions we missed to review them at home.
    I dont know their rational behind NOT letting you come back in and review them with the instructor though. Except not many people want to go back, once you pass the final as long as you passed just be happy and forget it.
    Thos few questions wont be of much consequence in passing or failing your NCLEX anyway. Use your review books, follow the study tips in the front of the books and that will do more for you than seeing that last final.
  4. by   z's playa
    Many schools and their profs actually pay for their multiple choice questions. If they let students see their exams, it gets expensive to replace them very year.
    At least thats what we were told here. Mybe ytou should do what I did..Tell her you don't have a photographic memory that can record in 10 minutes. "So let me see my test please." It didn't work. :angryfire
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  5. by   aruray
    my school uses nclex review questions as exam questions. so they aint losing any money there. hehe. but i think that u might be right in that they dont have a lot of questions to go around with. my senior yr teachers probably use the same final for 20 yrs already. but they cant possibly worry about a student leaking 100 questions just by letting her look at a test paper for 10 minutes.
  6. by   trent
    I think my school's policy is that students can't see their final test papers before marks are released officially. This is what my academic calendar has to say:
    [font=Fixedsys]Graded examination papers are the property of the University and are not intended to be available to students. They may be seen by students only if a formal appeal of a final grade has been unsuccessful (see Academic Appeals below). Requests to see an examination paper must be made in writing to the Office of the Registrar. There is a fee for each request.
    [font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]What good is writing a test if you never find out what you didn't know? How can you learn from your mistakes if you never learn what they were?
  7. by   ZootRN
    Believe it or not, I didn't even get to know what I got on the Final. All grades are posted in college system, and they posted my average percentage and my grade, but no final grade. I calculated it myself, from given percentage, it looks like I got 98%. But still weird. We were never told about special policy in this regard.
  8. by   kim93079
    At my school they don't let us see the final because they are afraid that someone will steal it. We even had a janitor in our school that was stealing tests. When we reviewd old tests for the final it was a 30 min time frame with all of our stuff at the front of the room.
  9. by   CarVsTree
    Too many people sell tests, take pix of questions with picture phones. Also, the semester is over, it would be pretty labor intensive for profs to make time for students to see the final exams.

    I don't see how your final is so elemental to NCLEX though. I would think an NCLEX study guide with rationales would be more useful.
  10. by   aruray
    There was a lot of management questions in our last exam and you dont see a lot of them in nclex reviewers. Thats why i wanted to see my paper. Overall it was a pretty good exam and excellent questions (fewer questions taken from nclex books this time), covering all the topics, even fundamentals. Thats why I think it would help me a lot for nclex. Plus I got a low score and I wanted to know where I messed up hehhe.
  11. by   Jen2
    I understand exactly what you are saying. I have done so well this semester with my lowest grade being an 86%. Our nursing final was cumulative, and I studied everything that I missed on past exams and things like ABG's that just didn't stick with me. After each 50 question exam over the semester I highlighted everything in my notes that the test covered and put a red checkmark beside it in my notes if I missed the question ( we did have test review for our 50 ? exams where they would put the test on the overhead and give us rationales). When I studied for my final I went back to my text and re-read what I missed in the passed and reviewed all of my weak points. I was hoping to get an A this semester and ended up with a B. I only got a 78% on my nursing final. I don't understand this because it was cumulative and like I said earlier my lowest grade all semester was an 86%. I felt great comming out of the exam and only had 6 questions that I wasn't sure about (out of 100 ?'s). I called the school to go over my final and was told that I passed and that the final exam would not be reviewed. I am still ticked off about it.
  12. by   ERnurse07
    I agree that we should be allowed to review the final - and for a different reason from the others mentioned above. I have found several errors on the quizzes we did throughout the semester and on mid-term exams from previous semesters - so who is to say the questions were right ont he final? I understand the worry about theft of questions and what-not - but honestly we get really screwed on the final exam thing - the professors could make errors and we would never know!!:angryfire
  13. by   Catma63
    Quote from ERtraumanurse07
    but honestly we get really screwed on the final exam thing - the professors could make errors and we would never know!!:angryfire
    Sometimes I think that's exactly why they destroy them....so we won't know!
  14. by   RedSox33RN
    How strange.....I'd be pretty po'd.

    We were invited, just before our finals were passed out, to make an appt. after grades were posted on Blackboard to come back and review them for as long as we wanted. This was offered for each exam, and we are allowed to bring pen and paper.

    It doesn't do anyone any good to NOT know what they missed. I want to know, so I can work on that area. It's obviously something I didn't understand, or I didn't understand the question. Either way, it's MY work and I should be allowed to review it.