Who do I use as my reference?

  1. I've been working for several months as a CNA and need to submit my resume with references to a scholarship program. My question is, who do I put down as my reference? I thought of puting the DON, but she just got fired.
    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   Achoo!
    I would suggest your employer, your CNA instructor, and maybe a friend or coworker. Someone who can vouge for your academic skills, clinical skills, and personal skills. Good luck!JMHO
  4. by   cursenurse
    what about using the nurses that you work with? they should be able to say good things about you, and since they are your supervisors, what they say should carry some weight.
  5. by   studentnurse74
    Either the nurses you work with, or the docs if you know them.
  6. by   RedSox33RN
    I pondered over a similar thing also, when I had to submit my references for nursing school. Since I was sending in several applications to several schools, I knew a couple people would be doing more than one for me. I figured the best thing was to have an RN, experienced ones, give me references. I did give them the standard forms that came with the application, but also asked them if they had the time, to write a personal letter.

    Both schools that I interviewed at and eventually was accepted to mentioned the personal letters. Since they were sent directly, per the schools' protocols, I didn't know what they said, but I know the interviewers liked them. It gave them more information to work with than the standard forms.

    I think having medical personnel, whether an RN or a Dr. is a wonderful idea, and even better if they will write a personal letter. It just gives that extra "umph" to your application - that they think enough of you to take the time to write a letter or note.

    Good luck with the scholarship!!
  7. by   mim-o
    [font=Comic Sans MS]Hey,
    [font=Comic Sans MS] I live in a small (one red light) town and am going to local tri county community school for adn starting fall 04. So, everybody eventually knows everyone or someone who does -you would think it would make selecting references easier-NOPE HARDER. I ended up having a well respected retired school principal write one letter and an FNP I worked under as a cna in the community clinic last summer write the other one. I've lived here all my life and LOVE it but the bad part about living in a small town boils down to who you know alot of the time(sad but true)-and that ain't much help for me :chuckle . Anyway, I agree with everyone else about having at least one letter written from an individual in the healthcare field. Best of luck!!
  8. by   bedpan
    For my references I used my Instructors and the DON at the hospital I worked at as a PCT while going to school (Just be sure you ask their permission first!)

    I also asked the manager of the department I was working in, and she told me she would be more than happy to be a personal reference, but the hospital would not allow her to be a business reference since she was a hospital employee! I asked around about it and sure enough, they had a policy that anything like that has to strictly go through the personel office and all they will say was that I was an employee there! Absolutely nothing else!

    But she did go down as a personal reference!
  9. by   kbella1218
    I have to have 3 references. I had

    1. A former state senator (my grandma's neighbor I have known for years)

    2. My former employer (a Doctor)

    3. My Anatomy I & II professor

    We were not allowed to use friends or family for references. Just make sure they like you and will do you right! Good Luck!
  10. by   moonbunnie
    yes, i would definitely ask the nurses you work with, especially if there are some in particular you really get along with, and also professors are good. i got really good references from one lpn at my work, and one from my anatomy professor. i also had to have a supervisor, so i asked my unit coordinator, but she didnt send it after i asked her twice, so i ended up having to ask the nursing administrator instead.