Which is better? (m)

  1. Because I have been at my college for so long I am at the point where I cannot take any extra classes..........only what I need to graduate. After this semester I will be done taking the pre-reqs except for Micro so my question is:

    Should I take micro this summer....6 weeks long and take Nursing 1 in the fall and only claim 6 maybe 7 credits for financial aid or should I take the summer off and take micro and nursing 1 together and claim 10-11 credits for financial aid? Will micro and nursing 1 be too difficult to take together?


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  3. by   subec
    I would not recommend taking micro in the summer. Although I enjoyed micro much more that A & P, and I got a better grade, there is so much information to absorb. I don't think that a 6 or 8 week class is enough time to fully grasp and understand the information.

    I hope this helps.
  4. by   StudentSandra
    i took micro over summer with a very good instructor and managed to get an a. but i don't recomend it, wish i had had more time to absorb the material. micro in summer is tough.
  5. by   delirium
    I'm taking micro now with my second semester in the nursing program. It would be very difficult over the summer.
    In fact, I'm taking it now so that I can have the summer off.
  6. by   NurseDixie
    I took Micro last summer and made a 'D' in it. There was way too much information for me to process in an eight week course. I am repeating it this semester and have more time to absorb the info. I am also in my 2nd semester of nursing. I wouldn't recommend taking Micro in the summer, much too difficult.