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howdy you all :rolleyes: i just wanted to see where all my fellow texans are and where about you live. i am in the dallas area (grew up in houston) and will start school this coming year.... Read More

  1. by   NurseExplorer
    Hi! Orignally from DFW (Garland, Carrollton). Had prereqs at El Centro and Brookhaven then transferred to...let's just call it Hell!
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  2. by   lalajenn

    Well after so many credit hours, I was told that you cannot get any financial aid at a community college. I have 90 something now because I was planning on going to a 4 year University but changed my mind since I had all of the classes I need for the 2 year degree plan but I just can't get financial aid. I think they think I should have gotten my 2 year degree already and they won't pay for me going there anymore. I guess I will just have to go to a 4 year college now instead because I can't afford it any other way. I wish I could go to Brookhaven now since I have been accepted and all but I can't with the price of everything and they told me that I have to buy the books for the entire 2 years that I am going to be there when I start and I just can't afford that. GOod luck to you!
  3. by   dgh1973
    This is just a suggestion but have you ever thought about taking out a student loan. This would be the much cheaper route to go at a community college and it would take less time to pay back than a 4 year college. Most student loans only require you to pay about 50 a month depending on how much you take out. The average cost for nursing school is about 5 grand for associates degree.
  4. by   lalajenn
    Well I can get a federal pell grant where I won't have to pay anything back so I think I would just go to the 4 year degree and get a grant because I wanted my BSN anyways and eventually I am going to get my Master's so I think this is the way to go. I can't get any kind of financial aid though at the community college weather it be grants, loans, any thing to do with financial aid because they just won't give any to me because of how many credits that I have. Thanks though!
  5. by   TexasRN to be
    I was attending Weatherford College but have been completely disatisfied with their terrible program. They have only had this program in place a year and a half and it is not at all organized. I am looking into BSN programs now. Does anyone go to TWU? (Tex. Women's) I have been looking there, as well as TCU but am so nervous at the thought of having to go through what I went through at WC, that I really would love to talk to other students and get a first hand review of the instruction at these schools. At Weatherford, 3 teachers have left this semester, another is supposed to leave after the spring, and now the director of the program is threatening to quit. It is really bad there and many students have transferred out. ANy info on other DFW nursing programs would be greatly appreciated!!
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  6. by   Perrie
    Hi! I live in Carrollton and registered to take some of my pre req's this semester. I am going to Brookhaven part time at night until my daughters (twin girls) start school in 2003. I haven't gone to college in about 10 years so needless to say I am scared out of my whits! I am so glad I found this message board, I can already tell it is going to help me tremendously! Would love to chat with those of you going through or soon to be going through the Nursing Program at Brookhaven!

  7. by   tattoochick
    TexasRN To be:

    Hey....I'm sorry about your crappy experience so far! Just to let you know though, NO school is perfect....they all have some flaws, but you just have to find one that's fit for you. Anyways, I don't know much about TWU or TCU except that TWU has an excellent NCLEX pass rate. I go to Baylor, so let me know if you want any info on there, ok?
  8. by   shyviolet78

    Check out Tarrant County College in south Ft. Worth. They have an excellent ADN nursing program I hear. I am taking prereq's at TCC in Hurst but I will be going thru the nursing program at either Brookhaven or El Centro because they are close to my work. TWU has campuses in Denton and Dallas (at Parkland hospital), UT Arlington has a program, but I haven't heard good things about it. The nurses I work with tell me that TWU, TCU and Baylor have the best BSN programs here, but TCU and Baylor are private, so the tuition is more expensive. I know alot of new grads who just finished the BSN program at TWU and they all have wonderful things to say about it. It's ranked very high nationally as well.
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  9. by   TexasRN to be
    I would love any info on Texas Women's Univ, Baylor, and any other BSN programs in the D/FW area!! Thanks!
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  10. by   shakizer
    Hey all,
    I am in Midland, Texas... going to Midland College for the ADN. Just started this week!! I grew up in the Dallas area and Houston, and really miss it!! But family is here and being a single mom of five, I need all of the help I can get!!
    Nice to meet all of yall!
  11. by   old-master
    Well, I went to TCU, now my wife is. While I will studying at TCC south. Or UTA. Which ever program accepts me.
    I hope to get my BSN form TCU and move on at UTA. I hope to be impressed my the RN program at TCC.
    Texas Nurses unite!
    old-master has spoken..........
  12. by   subec
    Hey Y'all---

    I'm also in the Dallas area. I just finished up my pre-reqs at Richland, and I'm waiting to hear if I will be accepted at UTA or TWU. I also applied to Texas Tech.

    I have a really good friend at Baylor---she is in her second semester. She likes it so far, but I don't think I could handle the tuition.

    Hopefully I'll hear something from the schools I have applied to soon. I'm starting to get nervous.

    Good luck to you all.

  13. by   gauge14iv
    If you guys are in Dallas area, some hospitals will pay for your nursing school if you work for them! Call around and ask how much tuition reimbursement they provide. Get a part time or full time job at whichever one is willing to pay for your school or ask if they will pay for your school if you commit to work there after grad even though you arent working there now. Also there is a grant called an APEX grant available through the Texas Workforce Commission. I heard THR hospitals are offering up to 4k per year!!!! Financial aid should NOT be a problem for nursing students right now!!!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!