When to take nclex

  1. I will be done with my adn program in May of 2007. The problem that I have is that I will be having my second child in late June 2007. I do not know when to take my nclex. I have no clue if even my school will have the needed information to get to the state in time for me to take the test.

    I dont want to wait till after the baby but I am going for the bad side and it will probably be after the baby comes. We tried for over 3 years to get pregnant and this is our unplanned, but very blessful momemt, my husband also wants me to jump back into work since we have been without the 2nd income for over 3 years with my being in school, I also have a son who will be 6 in July so I have 2 kids to take care of.

    So if any of you have any thoughts, suggestions, hints, experiences or just plain old opinions, I would be forever grateful.

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  3. by   Scrubz
    I'd always heard that it was best to take it as soon as you were eligible to do so. At least that way all the stuff you learned out of school would be fresh in your mind.
  4. by   BeccaznRN
    I agree that taking it as soon as you can would probably be your best bet. After the newest addition arrives (and congratulations, by the way!), you will be so tired and busy that studying for NCLEX will not rank very high on the priorities list. So I would suggest taking it before that if you can. If you absolutely cannot avoid taking it until later, definitely do a lot of studying before the baby comes and maybe consider a NCLEX review course (such as Kaplan), especially if you have to wait longer than three months after graduation.
  5. by   Jules A
    I'd explain your situation to the director and ask how quickly they sign off on your testing eligibility. We had heard that the year before us there was a snafoo and it was delayed so we hounded them a bit to make sure ours were sent in asap. Good luck, Jules