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Worst one wins! Mine: Day Maintenance at Walmart! :uhoh3:... Read More

  1. by   mnbvcxz
    Quote from Suesquatch
    Heh. I thought your username was "King Rat."

    I have a real job now but Wal*Mart was the reason I ended up in nursing school. They were a decent outfit to work for but I wasn't going to work all those hours and weekends for a pittance.
    Low prices every day, lol.
  2. by   BlueFish226
    I work one day a week (yup, living with my parents and in school full time) as a receptionist for the same surgeon I've worked for for the past seven years. It gets crazy there, but he's let me work trough high school, my first college degree, and now my BSN! So I'll deal just a bit longer!
  3. by   MedicalNerd
    Well I actually have 3 jobs!
    One is teaching fitness and exercise to 150 kids per week
    Second is a Physical Therapy aid for a private client
    Other is a Receptionist for a Kitchen/Bathroom remodel company

    Yes I have 3 jobs, I have worked my A** off this summer
    But the good news is I will be dropping the 1st one next week!
    So through this semester of NS I will have 2 jobs.

    ...and no I am not crazy!
  4. by   queen_mimi
    I transferred about a month ago as a tech on a med/surg floor to a trauma/surgical ICU. I LOVE IT! Everyday is unique... some are awful and I've seen some of the worst things I'll ever see in my life... and some are amazing, watching a patient critically injured/ill walk out of the unit I will NEVER go back to a med/surg floor again! Hope you have a great rest of the summer!
  5. by   Jenny67
    I have my full time position back in a Family Practice office as a Certified Medical Asssistant. Not crappy, but when the moon is full {some} of our patients act a little, ummm...silly!? lol
  6. by   FA to CRNA2b
    Yesterday, I had a pretty CRAPPY day in the ICU. I got a psych patient who landed in the unit after trying to kill himself unsuccessfully. He decided to poop and smear feces all over himself four times, just for the heck of it. When he wasn't fingerpainting, he was busy screaming out, "Nurse! I can't breathe"! I go in and say, "Your oxygen saturation is 98% and you look pink (from screaming)." He says, "Well, I need an oxygen mask, are you sure I look okay, and will you wipe my rectum"? Me--"Did you have a BM"? Him--"Not yet". *sigh*
  7. by   SU Redhawk
    Pizza delivery driver
  8. by   bitter_sweet
    This summer (and the past year) I interviewed people over the phone for health research surveys. It wasn't that bad and very interesting, but I need more human interaction.

    Next week is my last week and then I can put all my focus on school.
  9. by   suanna
    Same as my crappy winter job- "night shift staff RN". I can't tell you how often I have looked longingly at the people bussing tables at the local Bob Evans Restraunt and wish that was me! I've often found it isn't the job duties that make a job great or crappy but the people you work with. This is true from part time Wallmart greeter to DON of a big medical center.