What's everyone doing with their winter break? - page 4

I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I've got 6 weeks off from next Tuesday until the end of January. I'm taking a winter mini-mester class to finish out my General Education requirements for... Read More

  1. by   Mommy2NQ
    Im going to enjoy my children and husband without worrying about studying. LOL
  2. by   melsman1904
    Most likely, I will watch copious amounts of college football...it is bowl season after all. My wife and I are also spending Christmas in Gatlinburg...should be a nice change of scenery. I might crack a book every now and then. Other than those things, I'll be on a normal routine(sleep, eat, void, repeat)
  3. by   danissa
    Oh,..... Dear students, make the most of your winter break! When you work, such a thing will never happen again! Enjoy it, each and every one!..........Thats what I miss most, being home for the whole of the holidays, treasured memories, but far in the past. we have had Christmas on each of three different days for years, my kiddos are used to it. Have a FAB break!!!
  4. by   2bnursenikki82
    I'm working pretty much every day for my first three weeks of break, including Christmas...but them I'm only working twice during the last two weeks of break. I'm going to FW for New Years and then off to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a week of snow with the girls...YAAAAAY!!!
  5. by   shoegalRN
    I have 7 weeks off.

    I relaxed for the first week and by day 3, was almost out of my mind due to bordem. My son was at school, my house was cleaned, including laundary (folded and put away), the fridge was stocked and I just couldnt believe I didnt have to read a nursing text.

    My new job as a Nurse Intern started this week, so I had 3 days of hospital orientation that just about made me jump off a bridge it was so boring.

    Now, I'll be working 3 12 hour shifts until school starts back on January 23. I will spend one weekend getting my bookcase together and reading for Adult Health II.

    Then it's back to the grind.
  6. by   hlwd
    Going to enjoy Christmas with my family and I have received my Mother/Baby text already so will get a jump start on the reading. Looks like 2nd semester will be interesting and fast!