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I am an LPN and currently taking pre-reqs for RN. I was wondering what everyone's schedule looks like for Nursing School. What days, hours ect?... Read More

  1. by   beachbum3
    4th semester of 4, ADN

    Monday: 1030-330
    Tuesday: 12-330
    Weds 7-330 (clinical)
    Thurs 7-330 (clinical)
  2. by   Kare117
    ASN Program starts JAN.22

    Mon 8-12 lecture
    Tue, Wed 8-2:30(1st week),then anytime between 7AM and 7PM they will assign us the first week of class.
  3. by   MiaKeaRN
    I'm going into my 2nd semester, ADN:

    Mondays: 5-9 Lecture/lab
    Saturdays: Clinicals 7-3:30

    I'm in a web-enhanced program, so we do part of our lecture online throughout the week too.
  4. by   ally21
    Monday- off!
    Tuesday- Lab 8-10am and lecture 10:30am-12:45pm then a break and resume class from 3:15-5:30pm
    Wednesday- OFF!!
    Thursday- clinical 7am-1pm
    Friday- clinica 7am-1pm

    I'm extremely excited about my schedule because I thought I was going to get placed in a 2:30-8:30pm clinical group that's out of my way on a mountainy area that is not fun to drive in.
  5. by   Qtp2t RN
    I'm in an accelerated BSN program (11 months) and my schedule for last quarter was as follows:

    8:00-10:00am Nursing Informatics Lecture
    11:00-2:00pm Health Assessment Lecture
    2:00-4:00pm Nursing Ethics/Advocacy/Professionalism Lecture

    8:00-11:00am Health Assessment Lab
    2:00-4:00pm Principles of Nursing Lecture

    6:30-2:00pm Principles of Nursing Clinical at Hospital
    8:00-2:00pm Principles of Nursing Skills Lab

    8:00-10:00am Nursing Informatics Lab
    2:00-4:00pm Principles of Nursing Lecture

    10:00-12:00pm Health Promotion Lecture
    1:00-3:00pm Genetics in Nursing Lecture

    For the upcoming quarter, my schedule will look something like this:

    8:00-10:00am Women's Health Nursing (Maternity/OB) Lecture
    10:00-12:00pm Mental Health Nursing Lecture
    1:00-3:00pm Comprehensive Adult I (Med-Surg) Lecture
    3:00-4:30pm Pharmacology I Lecture

    8:00-10:00am Women's Health Nursing (Maternity/OB) Lecture
    10:00-12:00pm Mental Health Nursing Lecture
    1:00-3:00pm Comprehensive Adult I (Med-Surg) Lecture
    3:00-4:30pm Pharmacology I Lecture

    3 of these 4 days will be my clinical days for Women's Health, Mental Health, and Adult I. I won't find out my 3 days or times until a couple weeks from now.

    Honestly, last quarter was not quite as bad as it looks. Next quarter will probably be just as bad as it looks, if not worse, to make up for last quarter.

    Good luck in nursing school!

  6. by   goldenstarkist
    Quote from dolcebellaluna
    My schedule last semester (1st semester of 4 in my BSN program) was as follows:

    8:00-10:30 Fundamentals
    10:30-12:00 Skills Open Lab
    12:00-5:00 Health Assessment

    9:00-10:50 Professional Nursing I: Introduction

    1:00-5:00 Skills

    7:30-11:30 Fundamentals Clinical (on a transitional care unit)
    2:00-4:50 Pathophysiology

    8:30-10:00 Pharmacology

    This looks almost the same as my schedule this semester. Can you give me any tips/pointers on the classes? My bf (graduated from pharmacy school) went out and bought me a pharmacology book and said that it'll help with this tough class. I am excited about clinicals which I believe are twice a week. Where did you have your first clinical? I was told that clinicals start the 5th week of the semester and it depends on who your clinical advisor is. I am hoping it's close to Towson since I live around the area, instead of in Catonsville, since I will be going with traffic if it's at St. Agnes. I've also been buying books online at campusi.com. The prices are a little less than the used price at the bookstore. I spoke with someone there the other day and they say if you purchase them at the bookstore online, they don't necessarily give you the used books since they are still buying them from vendors.
  7. by   Alternator81
    Tues: 0900 - 1500
    Wed: 0700 - 1500
    Thur: 0700 - 1500
    Fri: 0800 - 1200
  8. by   sneakymom2011
    1st semester of a 22 month ADN program. Classes run for 8 weeks.

    1st 8 weeks
    Fundamentals of nursing M-Th 8:30-2:30. We have lecture M,W. T,Th we do in-school labs at the moment, but clinicals are usually T,Th. Right now we're working on skills that have to be checked off before we get to clinical.

    Clinicals start Feb 19, and I have 3 in this 1st 8 week session. We get put into a group, but can change amongst ourselves if someone has a problem. The one I want is from 6:30am-12:30pm.

    2nd 8 weeks.
    Pharmacology/Assessment. I think my lecture's only 1 day a week, and it's NOT 6 hours (can you tell these days are just killing me lol)? Clinical's still T,Th. All I know is who the lecture teacher is. Don't know who the clinical instructors for the class are, that will come when we start in March.

    So far our school doesn't have classes on Friday. The nursing program director warned us that in the future, we may have Friday classes. I'm looking forward to tomorrow so I can finish up the reading, and study for our first test on Monday!
  9. by   mvanz9999
    First semester - lab 8:00AM - 4:30PM Mon-Wed, Lecture 8:00AM - 5:00PM Thurs and Fri.

    After the first two months, clinicals replace lab, 6:30AM - 2:30PM Tues and Wed.
  10. by   I want to be a nurse
    [font="comic sans ms"]:spin:going into my 2nd semester of ns (med surge i) and my schedule is:
    monday 7:30 - 11:40
    tuesday 8:00 - 2:00
    thursday 8:00 - 2:00
    in february sometime, we will stop the tuesday & thursday classes and we will be in clinicals.

  11. by   FAworld
    I will be attending a part-time program that is only offered every few years. We have Theory from 6-9 on Monday evenings. Then Clinical every other Friday-Sat-Sunday from 7:30 to 3:30. The first two months we have Lab every single Friday instead of every other in order to get up-to-speed on basic skills. Our program runs through summer with each semester being 7 months and then 1 week off between semesters. We end up getting an ADN in 2.5 years instead of 2 yrs because of the part-time/extended semesters.
  12. by   marilynmom
    BSN (final semester)

    Mon: 7-3:30pm clinicals
    Tues: 7-3:30pm clinicals
    Wed: 7-3:30pm clinicals
    Thursday: class from 10-1pm
    Friday: class from 8-3pm

    We have always started clinicals the first week.
  13. by   LilNurse2b143
    Evening RN Program

    Mon- Clinical 5-9:30
    Tues- Clinical 5-9:30

    Wed- Lecture 5-8
    Thurs- Lecture 5-8