What to expect....

  1. When we get knee deep in the nursing classes, What can we expect to see and do? How do we deal with doing something for the first time and being nervous and yet not let the patient know he/she is the first one you are about to cath or give a shot to?
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  3. by   Carolanne
    First thing is try to relax. I know that sounds dumb and you're saying oh sure, but it really does help. Tell yourself that you are an intelligent and mature woman and you can do whatever the task is. Your instructor or another nurse will be at your side guiding you through and ready to jump in if needed. So far the patients I have worked with like the extra attention and don't mind a student using them as their test guinea pig. I think it actually makes them feel a little "special" that they have something important and interesting that can teach someone - i.e. an IV line, a procedure to be done, etc.
  4. by   CarVsTree
    My nursing 101 experience started in the nursing home learning to do bed bats, changing occupied and unoccupied beds. Helping people walk, helping feed, give out food trays. It was actually a wonderful experience.

    Then we moved to acute care. We've given out oral, and injectable meds (SC, IM is rare and PA Student Nurses aren't allowed to push IV meds). Also, you wouldn't do IV's first semester anyway.

    As for doing something for the first time, by all means be honest with your patients. They will teach you a lot. You will have a rare opportunity to spend a load of time with your patient. This does not happen in the real world. I learned as much as I could and really got to know my patients. It was a bit heart breaking but felt so good to make their stay in the hospital a bit more bearable.

    You will do fine.