What text book do you use for A&PI, College Chemistry? - page 2

I am going to take pre-requisites A&P I, CHM101 College Chemisty I next semester in a community college. A little bit worried about taking two science classes at the same time, plus a full-time job. ... Read More

  1. by   CindyJRN
    I didn't see any chemistry books listed, so I thought I would share mine...
    Just got it today; class starts June 25th. :hatparty:
    Chemistry--An introduction to General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry
    Eighth Ed. Timberlake ISBN# 0805331328
    I saw many older editions on ebay and half.com for low prices if you just want a reference. Best wishes
  2. by   nikonos
    We used Silberberg for my college chem class. It was much better than a lot of the other ones I have flipped through. I'm taking A/P next semester so I cannot give you a reccommendation on that one yet.
  3. by   rhp123
    After read all the replies, I just ordered one from Marieb on ebay.

    Thanks Cindy and Nikonos for sharing Chemistry book information, I will look them on ebay too.

    Thanks and good luck to all on your studies.
  4. by   Rhoresmith
    I would contact my school and find out which book they are going to use most A&P books run in the couple hundred dollar range, if you just want to do some prestudying then go to one of the used books sites and buy the cheapest you can and that could be an extra reference book. I had a friend whose husband was an MD and they gave me a 5 yo copy of Gray's Anatomy and I used it in corelation to my text. In my classes you had to open the book and use if cause some of the pictures you had to lable came straight out of the text and he also used charts straight out of the text that were on the test....